Posted in January 2010


Empty surroundings, silence moments And little birds chirping outside the window Cold winter is here and my feet are cold I feel so isolated, recluse, and detached Depression, melancholy, gloominess It seems fruitless to hope and dream and pray Emptiness building a home inside of me And the deepening sea of awkwardness within Tortured, haunted … Continue reading

without destiny..!!!

Smiles haunting me, day, Eyes haunting me at nights Words ringing up in my ear each morning Still I have not understood what this is. This feeling keeps me at nights pondering About moments shared with her Yet I can’t find the answers to this question And every now and then I speculate why I … Continue reading


Every evening, I lie down here by the riverside with arms wrapped around myself and feet half dipped in the chilly water I gaze the sky, the flying bird and hope it does not rain today…!! But like every evening, it rains on me and I come back home drenched up and stale..!! Tomorrow again, … Continue reading