31st January 2009 was my sixth anniversary. Frankly speaking I had never imagined spending my life with somebody for such a long time but life is full of surprises, I guess.  We live a happy married life. We care for each other and try not to hurt each other and [as I would want to believe] “LOVE” each other.

For me, the word “LOVE” has always been complicated thing. They say Love never dies and if thats the case than I guess we are in a never ending venture to prove it. I have been in relationship before and most of the time it didn’t work out which means I wasn’t ever in love. Now, is being in relationship and being in love two different things?? but that is not what I am talking about today…!!!

Like most(or few) of the modern day love stories, we (my wife and me :D),  met through MSN. We shared a lot through online until one day we decided to meet and take our “friendship” to the next level. I still remember that very moment at Bhat Bhateni Super Market, where we were supposed to meet. For one second, I had decided not to meet her but she who noticed me  anyhow and stopped me. Hadn’t she noticed me that day maybe I would still be looking for “love” or maybe not.

I had always believed marriage wasn’t my cup of tea. Mainly because I had seen so many couples so much in love, they couldn’t stay without seeing each other but the same two people after marriage keep looking for a reason to get away from each other. IRONY?? As for me, I  had never wanted to live  a married life but here I am, spending 6 years of it. I must admit it has been one hell of a joyride. We went thr0ugh a lot in these 6 years of time. We knew each other more(still a lot left though as it is an ongoing process), made adjustments to adjust with each other, changed our priorities (late night with friends didn’t top the list anymore), and more over we accepted each other for who we are. Many a times, what I always believed in marriage was proven right and most of the time I was wrong about it as well. But still at the end of the day what matters most is that we are there for each other when everyone has turned their back on us. We have our flaws (everyone does, I know..) and we have learned to overlook them. I guess that is the MANTRA of a successful relationship.

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