Un-facebooking myself..!!

While the world is busy spending their time on facebook, I have decided to stop using it further. It is a great “social networking” site where you meet your long lost friends, get constant updates about them, and or maybe even stalk your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends to see what they are up to. and although FB boasts to connect you to your friends but the question is do they really?? How many friends on your list actually talk to you online?? How many of them messages you or even POKE you? I have had hardly 3 people on the list with whom I am constantly in touch but the list of my friends count up to 250. The only time I “feel connected” with my friends is when they like my status, or comment on my pictures. So, here I am trying to sort out some reasons why I would not use FB anymore.

1. Status Updates:

One reason I have started hating FB is the status updates. We have friends to talk to. Why pour it on FB’s status? Why let FB’s list of people keep guessing on what happened to you instead of talking it out with those who are close to you??

2. Stupid Applications invites:

You get a notification so and so posted a comment on your photo, you are excited to see what he/she wrote and then they ask you for confirmation of access for the application, than another sending 10 invites at least and when you reach the page, you find out there is no comment and worse..no “your photo” at all. What an easy way to lure people eh?

3. Stalkers:

FB needs to sort out their loopholes on privacy issue because thousands are out there stalking your friends on whom you have commented although they have done whatever that can be done with their privacy settings.

4. Notifications:

Okay, I liked your status but I have been receiving notifications every 5 minutes about somebody commenting on it and often it doesn’t make sense. I don’t care who thinks what about the status and the continuous relay of notifications kind of gets on to your nerve. And not to mention the applications notications that keep sending you the invites.

5. “UN”wanted friends:

I just deleted some people from my list of friends because it was no point letting them know the constant updates of my life because we hardly even nudge each other but then they add you again and I wonder why..? And some people deleted me from their list and sometimes later they add me up again to be friends again, strange eh? Now why would I want to add them again?? Just to be deleted at their convenience again?? Sometimes I even get added by people whom I could never stand or those who couldn’t stand me and I find it amazing…. only NOT.

6. Applications:

I must admit some of the applications are real addiction  and it took me 498 level in Mafia Wars and 32 Level in Farmville to realize that. And while I was busy crossing those levels, there was  one small thing I forgot, I was paid to work here not to play to games. I could have replied to a client’s email instead of sending a Valentine’s Day Gift to one of my Mafia Friends. No wonder many organizations have started blocking FB.


23, December 2010.

PS. After all the rantings as such. I am still using FB and still playing MAFIA WARS. I guess this is what “eating your own words” mean in true sense, right?? 😀

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