Road to Santaneshwor..!!

I am an athiest but a moderate one (if there is any such thing). Most of my visits to the religious sites are either for momentary escape from the daily or what they call it “mature” responsibilties or just so because I can’t say no to my friends invitations. I have visited Manakamana temple many times and most of the time, I have had nothing to wish for. The sole reason has always been the long ride on my bike that I enjoy taking once in a while. In most cases I don’t enter the temple.

This time around, it was a different story altogether. I had heard about this temple called “Santeshwor Mahadev” which lies in the outskirst of the Kathmandu Valley. And I must confess that this is my first visit to a temple because I wished for something. I guess this is why they say “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. I think this whole “wish” thing was invented out of necessity. That our great ancestors wanted something and they started wishing for it and prayed some stones and the whole process of wishing has been just forwarded generation after generation. Or maybe it just started out of frustation. [Whatever it is..]

I had been planning to visit Santaneshwor for couple of months and finally the day came. I woke up 5:30 in the morning. Took a shower and I was ready by 7 to move on. Riding early morning in Kathmandu is a different experience. No busy traffic, no crowded walkers and no pollution[or at least thats what i think]. It was one of those pleasant rides and Bryan Adam’s song “Heaven” playing through my headphone just made it a lot easier to travel on the chilly morning. After taking the first left from Saatdobato chowk [on your way to Godawari] you start moving towards Gems school. Along the way, I asked serveral people for Naag Daha, as it was one of the popular place in that area. After crossing Naag Daha, it takes about 30 minutes ride to the temple and then you walk for about 15 minutes. The landscape was breath taking. Although you could see the rapid urbanization and its impacts. Visited the temple but did not wish for anything although I had come with a special request today. You could see brick kilns polluting the whole area. It was like somebody was smoking a huge cigarette.

Road to Santaneshwor – In pictures

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