Avatar – Revisited…!

I have always been a fan of James Cameroon movies right from Terminator, Aliens to Titanic and I was eagerly looking forward to Avatar. The first time I watched AVATAR,  I was so stunned with the imaginary works so beautifully presented on screen that I wished Pandora was for real. In fact you will practically not notice that you are watching a non-existing world, it is sooo real. And the brialliant visuals take you to a whole new level of experience and does what exactly cinema should do – take us away from our problems and into a different world. I wouldn’t say that the story was something I hadn’t seen before but the story telling of Cameroon is something that should not be missed. Infact, one cannot bottle up the experience into words. You have to be there yourself and watch the height of imagination.

Watching this work of art in 3D was just another thing I was looking forward to and I got to watch it yesterday. Not for a single moment I felt I had already watched the movie. It was a different experience altogether. Huge screen, excellent sound and an extraordinary Dolby, 3 dimensional image. The whole effect is mind blowing. The wild life, the jungle, the animals, the Na’vi-s, or the dragon-like flying creatures are all so life-like, they almost pop-off the screen and in 3D they actually do. For once, I wished we had an IMAX cinema here as well.

Well I am not a movie critic so I wouldn’t go into the details of the performances of actors but yeah.. as a viewer I would recommend anyone to go watch this superb movie in 3D and for that 2 hours 40 minutes, you will be taken into a world so real, you wished you didn’t have to come back..!! 🙂

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