Posted in May 2010

Weird Mural..!!

We all niggers want???? Do they even know what nigger actually means..?? Die Mother F*****??? Whats the anger for? The other day I was walking to my office [thanks to the peaceful banda imposed by the you know who.] and I saw this huge mural along the way. Normally, I pass this very wall at … Continue reading

Chaotic Day 4 in Kathmandu, Nepal

Day 4 and the situation only getting worse. With further protest and making sure the minister does not enter Singa Durbar today the protest is only getting aggressive and the so call peaceful protest is losing its grip over the patience of the cadres and civilians likewise. With reports of vandalism all over the country, … Continue reading

Chaotic Day 3 in Kathmandu, Nepal

Third day of the protest of Maoist brings the country to a unwanted halt. Almost zero movement of vehicle in the city makes it difficult for the people to reach their destination, at least on time and extreme confusion and disorder in the country was felt . Yet, there seems to be no light of consensus between … Continue reading

Kathmandu – A different view..!!

Pre May day, [30th April, 2010], after a hectic day at office, I was planning to go shopping to buy few of my important things (including DVD’s of recent releases 😀 ) but it turns out all the shops are closed due to the on going protest. Kathmandu was shut down. All the shops, restaurants, clothing … Continue reading