Kathmandu – A different view..!!

Pre May day, [30th April, 2010], after a hectic day at office, I was planning to go shopping to buy few of my important things (including DVD’s of recent releases 😀 ) but it turns out all the shops are closed due to the on going protest. Kathmandu was shut down. All the shops, restaurants, clothing store were shut down. The busy traffic, the crowded junctions were no where to be seen. It felt like one of those isolated towns that you see in the Hollywood zombie movies.

Whatever reasons, the fact remains that that  the country is going through a lot of problems. I only hope the problem is resolved as soon as possible because the people, country, economy is exhausted and needs a break from such demonstration. The people of Nepal does not want mere change of government. The people of Nepal needs a change of politicians with corrupt mentality, politicians in favor or favoritism and above all people of Nepal need a leader with a vision for the betterment of the country.

Location: City Centre, Kamal Pokhari. One of the recent happening place of Kathmandu was shut down completely.

Location: Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg. Normally, crowded with people remains shut down due to the protests.

Location: Bhat Bhateni Supermarket. Surprisingly, this one  was open and full of people busy buying their daily needs.

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