You might be wondering what are the numbers supposed to mean. Actually, it is the Salsa Dance count.

For past few months my wife had been insisting on one thing. That she wanted to go to the Salsa Dance classes and NO.. I had absolutely no problems with that. The only problem was she wanted me to join as well. I have always been a fan of Spanish/Latin musics but dancing with the tune itself was never my dish. I avoided her humble bespeak for more almost a year and finally I had to give in, and only because she would not join without me and she really wanted to do this. They say love makes you do things and in my cases, “SALSA” was what love made me do..!!

And today, after completion of my Level 1, I must say I have enjoyed it thoroughly and I am planning to keep the stone rolling. Frankly, there were few things that help me get along well. First was the music itself and secondly BINAYAK – founder of the Salsa Dance Academy and our instructor. I don’t think I would have decided to take it so seriously if I were anywhere else. So, I must thank my wife who took me to the Salsa in the first place and Salsa Dance Academy and particularly Binayak for helping me out with the basic moves.

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