Chinese Acrobatic Show – Defying Gravity..!!

I had heard about the Chinese Acrobatic Show that was held in Kathmandu town for the past three days. A 4 day show was organized to mark the diplomatic relationship between China and Nepal established in 1955. I wan indifferent at first but the news of the performances was heating up the city and I, for one, was no exception to be left away.

The whole show was breathtakingly awesome. It seemed like the body of the performers were made up of some ever stretchable elastic and it looked like they had no bones in them. One could clearly see that the maneuvers were the outcome of many years of training. I was in a state of mental numbness watching those little kids jump around like they were performing in a some space where gravity was nonexistent. I was in state of awe and at the same time was feeling bad for them as well. They must have gone through a very rough time in their initial days of practice. And maybe I was feeling sad for them because recently some news channel showed the inhuman behaviors shown toward the children like them, during their practice. They were literally tortured, beaten and made to suffer unless they did what they were told to.

Just a few days ago I had read news about China passing Japan to be the world’s second largest economy and I was telling my friend who was with me there, “why was it necessary for them to do all these?” although these acrobatics had more than 2000 years of history.

The show was co-organized by the World Cultural Net (WCN) (also known as Chinese Information Center) in Nepal together with Chinese Embassy in Nepal.

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