Another Sad Episode..!!

It had rained like it would never stop the other night and was continuing to rain in the morning as well. I didn’t want to wake up. Wasn’t going to my gym anyways. The weather was just too challenging for me to get up from my bed. I was sipping my bed tea when my mom rushed into my bedroom and shouted. “Agni Air ta khasecha ni..hera ta Sagarmatha Television ma”, – yes, those were the exact words that rang into my ears to drag every sense in me back from my “enjoying the raining morning with my bed tea” moment to “WHAT THE FUCK..?” moment in less that two seconds.

I promptly switched the TV on and there it was in every news channels with breaking news – “Agni Air’s donair crashed in Makwanpur”. I dialled my friends who work in the airport for further news but their information were limited to what I was watching over the news channel.

The victims include six foreigners–four Americans, one Japanese and one Briton, and eight Nepalis including the crew members.

Captain Laxman Pratap Bikram Shah, co-pilot Sofia Singh and air hostess Sahara Sherpa were the crew members.

The Agni Air ticket record identified the other victims as as Ishwor Rijal, Prakash Amgain, P. Bhote, P. Humagain, and R. Rai. The small aircraft apparently crashed at Bastipur of Shikarapur in Makwanapur at around 7:30 a.m. this morning while returning to Kathmandu after failing to land in Lukla Airport in Solukhumbu due to bad weather conditions. (source: Himalayan Times)

Preliminary information suggested that failure of the engine was the cause of the accident.

Such news of crashes always comes with pain all over it – Pain of the family member who lost one or more of their beloved ones, who just some hours ago were happily waving byes to them and now their news have come of never coming back.

I pray to god(these are the moments I move from being athiest to someone who believes in god) that the soul of the departed rest in peace and the family members have the strength in such a time.

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