Broken Dreams and Shattered Expectations..!!!

At the dump site of broken dreams and shattered expectations is where the Spirit of God is at work planting the seeds of wholeness which give us hope for a new tomorrow. 🙂

We’ve all been disappointed at some time in our lives. We’ve been misled, purposely or unconsciously. We have all stood staring in disbelief at the remains of our discarded expectations. The struggle to begin again is a real one when you don’t know where to drop your anchor.

The heart has a million questions, each one defying your desire to continue on. Try again? Forget it! Why try again? Why believe again when it’s been proven you have no guarantees? Why risk your happiness you have once more? Yet it is in daring to leap out in faith that the things we desire are gained.Perhaps this is where the adjustment should be made. The focus of faith has everything to do with where we go from here. The “FAITH” one should have in themselves because one broken dream isn’t the end of all dreams.

Still at times, its hard to compromise with the results we get from our endeavors. Is it worth trying for?? My mind asks my heart and yet when the door of expectations are slammed upon me, I see the light of the hope coming through the key hole. After all, we are here to struggle and we cannot give up until everything is finally over. Like one of my buddy said, “Look for the brighter side”, I will look for the brighter side and wait for the door to open up and let me through in to reach my dreams.

Tuesday, 03 February 2009.


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