Dasdhunga – A little too much of fiction..!!

Nepali movies are always scorned for various reasons. Cliched story, recreational acting skill, excessive rhetoric dialogues and often songs that matches the quality of a B grade Bollywood movies. While the makers often promise to offer different, its always the same old same and the audiences come out of the theater cursing themselves for being deceived yet again. I have always believed that the reason for the poor performance is only because the makers aren’t tired of imitating the same moth-eaten and almost ancient stories. But it was a different story with Das Dhunga.

I had been wanting to watch the movie “Das Dhunga” from the day it released mainly because it did not try adopt the formula of the typical Kollywood movies that I so much detest. I wanted to watch this movie also because it was based on a political incident that has been remained a mystery till date.

The movie revolves around a person Kiran Kunwar, who works for National Investigation Commission and gets obsessed with the research of the “Das Dhunga” accident that took place 19 years ago that killed two of the prominent UML leaders. The movie starts of well explaining the incidents on how it “might have” taken place and it keeps you to the edge of the seat until interval. Just when think everything is going right for the movie, the post interval lets you down. The movie tilts from the accidents towards the life of the researcher who is now a lecturer in some university and after that is all bunch of other stories mingled to complete the movie.Post interval the movie only drags and fails to provide anything interesting. The movie raises a lot of questions about the so called accident. Was it really an accident or was it a well planned murder. The movie tries to point towards the latter question although it does not conclude with anything rigid.

The actors are the absolute delights of the movie. Everyone enacts their part so well and special mention should go to Anup Baral and Saugat Malla as personification of good and evil. No other actor could have perfected the part like Anup Baral does. Saugat Malla, who shares the screen with Anup Baral as a foreign agent is at top notch. This actor’s potentials needs to be cashed in by other directors as well. Sanchita Luitel performs her part well as the wife of the researcher. Dayahang Rai who does the part of the driver is fairly well. And the only song in the movie is very touching as well.

Overall an impressive movie and kudos to the producer and director for trying something different.


2 thoughts on “Dasdhunga – A little too much of fiction..!!

  1. Though the second half took a different turn, I liked the movie as a whole. We can’t expect the mystery to be solved in a movie when it’s actually not. I just finished watching the movie so, the whole thing is yet to be interpreted(some scenes being metaphors of the then political status or something) but right now, I’m just amazed that there can be a Nepali movie as such! 😀
    Actors were super-great!

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