We walked together hand on hand,
Hundreds of miles and thousands of times
We have dreams of getting old together,
and live this life from then and for ever..

I remember our moments of togetherness
the first hello to the last movie**
and now this domino effects of our impatience
is devising a huge palisade between you and me

And, now we are in our own battle where winner and loser both lose. With each passing moments we are but only trying to slash each other with words that work like swords. We are defenseless, helpless, hurt and without armor to save us from each other. But like all our previous battle, I am sure we will overcome this little phase that is persistent and it will fade without leaving any irremovable scrape yet again. I am not appalled with these indifference we share and these little instances that will pass eventually. All I am hoping is that we don’t adjudge the unsolicited war against each other because battles we can win but war, we both lose..!!!

*People inspire me to write although i consider my writing strictly mediocre. 🙂


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