Into Nothingness..!!

I sit still letting the time kill my moments right in front of my eyes. I wait for something that I do not know of. Destiny??

At this very moment I have nothing in my mind. Empty mind..totally, nothing to worry about, nothing to think about and right now nothing is the only thing that seem to be existent. It seems to me like that I am waiting for limit beyond which something will change or should change.

I have had a lot of friends with whom I have lost touch with and every time they pop up in my facebook chat and ask me..”whats up” .. there is my instant reply “nothing new, dude”..!! Its almost like a reflex action. Nothing new..???? Now, how boring does that sound..?? Or am I used to this consistency in my life..?? Or is it that I find nothing new in anything at all?? People say, “Change is the only thing, that is consistent.” But it looks to me as though, “Consistency is the only thing that is consistent”. But than again change brings in chaos and I hate chaos so maybe I don’t like change..maybe I like the “nothing new” more than anything else.

Well, what the hell..!! While I am taking a flight into the nothingness of my consistency, let me enjoy the harmonious uniformity and agreement in my life as long as it retains all that I need to smile and stays in shape.



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