Travelling into India.

I was always reluctant traveling to India.  I had heard lots of stories from my friends, news, internet and not many of the things I heard were good and the next 10 days, I was going to experience it myself. But my last trip to India was full of excitement(and I mean uncertainty as well) in many ways. Firstly, I had been planning for a trip to Goa but without any luck. Secondly, it was on my bucket list of things to do “to go on a trip without any plannings”. Well, I wouldn’t say I didn’t plan anything at all but there was a lot of things that came uncalled-for but left with great memories.

The two and half hour flight to Delhi came with bonus of great views of Himalayas. The unending range of mountains that stayed on the tops of the world must be the reason why so many people come into Nepal and take the mountain flights. From Delhi were flew straight to Bangalore with Kingfisher airlines. The reason I am stating the name of the airlines is because I was really impressed with the unmatched international service they provided plus they served great in-flight foods as well. We stayed overnight in Bangalore. And I must mention that the Delhi airport was huge, if only the immigration officer wasn’t so arrogant.

After spending half of the day in Bangalore or Bengluru the next day, we headed towards Trivandrum which is the capital of another state Kerala. The 16 hrs travel in a semi sleeper bus was anything but comfortable. Our initial plan in Kerala was to visit the Backwaters but we decided to visit the popular Kovalam Beach instead. The sunset from Kovalam was worth the wait. The communication was a little problem in Kerala and our plans to visit the Backwaters were washed away when our Taxi Driver took us to some park instead when we had clearly mentioned where we wanted to do. However, the next days visit to Kanya Kumari was fun. A little long travel but the views along the way took up much of my time not realizing we spent 7 hours driving to and fro.

Our plan to leave Kerala in 2 days went haywire when we could not find a train tickets to Goa and had to spend extra one day in Trivandrum. But the 18 hours train travel to Goa was a memorable experience and Goa is one city you cannot afford to miss if you are vacationing in India. The food, the people, the beaches, the whole ambiance in Goa is amazing. Plus the water sports available here just adds up to fun. The 3 days stay in Goa passed away in a blink of an eye and I couldn’t have enough of it. The only thing I missed was the Scuba Diving for which I had traveled all the way to Goa. But that’s fine, I will come back again. 🙂

And as I sit down here to write something about my trip, the memories are coming back and I already want to head back again.

My recommendations for places to visit while in:

Bangalore: Garuda Mall, Chroma(anoter Mall that sell gadgets mostly)

Trivandrum, Kerala: Kovalam Beach.

Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu: Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Goa: Baga Beach, Chapora Fort, Calangute Beach.

Click here or here to check out the photographs of my travel.


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