Bryan Adams Live in Kathmandu.

The one thing I was looking forward to in 2011 was the Bryan Adams concert, the news of which was making round in K-town for sometime now. I remember quite precisely his first song that left a mark in my heart, “Please forgive me” and it was some 15 years ago. Still today it holds the top spot in list of my all time favorites. I was so crazy about this song that I remember having a verbal boxing with writer of an article in WAVE magazine who listed this song as the “worst song” because the title repeated some 25 times in the song itself. I still don’t understand the writer’s logic and quite frankly I don’t care.

Finally the day had arrived. After long wait and speculations if Bryan Adams would really rock Kathmandu came to an end and how. 40000+ people rushed down to Tripureshwor, Dasrath Rangasala to witness the one day in history that will definitely not be repeat again. Most of the people who bought the high-priced tickets were concerned with the security problems and whether or not Bryan Adams would really perform till the last minute of his arrival into the stadium (although he confirmed in his video in youtube). But all the diffidence were put to rest by the man himself when he entered the stage singing “Kathmandu” (I’ll upload the video soon). The fact that he composed that song for Kathmandu itself proves that he knows what his audience wants.

The crowd cheering his name “BRYAN, BRYAN, BRYAN” must have made him feel welcomed and I must confess that the huge crowd that gathered in the stadium was unbelievably amazing because I have seen the KTM crowds and trust me, they aren’t very much friendly during live shows of at least the local bands. But this time around it was clearly figured that their only intention was to watch Adams play his ever green numbers-LIVE.

During the 2 hours long historical event, he continuously played his chart topping numbers Here I am, Back to you, Cuts like a knife, Straight from the heart, Heaven, Please forgive me, Everything I do, Can’t stop this thing we started, Lets make a night to remember and more. And with every song, his enthusiasm just kept growing and on the other side the crowd just kept g0ing crazy watching the legend running to and fro across the stage and imitating a war like act while playing guitar with his best friend Keith.  The people sitting on the at the far end light up the mobiles making it looked like the start twinkling and even the moon was up to welcome and witness Bryan Adams making history with his performance.

I was personally left mesmerized by his performances. I can’t even pen down my feeling of seeing him there so close. I am glad I was there to watch him and for all those people who couldn’t be there, “Sorry but you had your chance”.


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