Bryan “Guy Adams”, thats who..!

I was all set with full swing to watch Bryan Adams. I was actually waiting for the security check when I saw a copy of Republica lying on the ground. I was reading along the pages when my eye caught an article with heading “Bryan Who”. I instantly halted there and started reading the article. Turns out, there is chick out there somewhere who apparently is an ardent blogger and who (according to me) needed a topic to write another blog. So, this one is dedicated to her for all her effort she took on writing that article. Read that  article here.

I guess you are one person who loves to go against the tide. When the whole nation is welcoming Bryan Adams for all that he has accomplished, you, miss-know-it-all keti, who claims yourself to be a “Nepali”, who isn’t so “musically-inclined” think the Bryan Adams concert has received so much hype. If you think Bryan Adams coming to Nepal was over-hyped, I think your not so interesting article was over-rated to be printed in a national daily(I am sending mine as well and see if it gets published). My question to you, “If you aren’t so musically-inclined, why would you want to write something on it??” You might as well keep writing about Momos and whatever that tickles your taste-buds, for all that we care.

You further call him a WHITE-MAN. Now, is that all you know about Bryan Adams?? Seriously, I would sue you for such a racist comment, if there was a law against such thing. And is that the impression you want to give out all the “non-Nepalis” (I know they call call us Nepalese too) out there reading your article, who might now regard all Nepali as racist???And Yes, I uploaded an album “Bryan Adams Live in Kathmandu” and there are, I am sure more than you could possibly imagine doing the same at this very moment and more than that clicking those album because they could not witness the historical event.

And I thought you had problems with Bryan Adams getting so much hype but it seems that your distress is sprinkling heedlessly in all direction because you even question the management for calling the non-fans into the stadium to witness the grand event. Sure, people go to concert because they love the music but should that be the only reason? I mean, what kind of illogical question is that? If you were there at the concert (which I doubt), you would know what I was talking about.

You defend, Summer of ’69 was 15 years old song. So..? Your blog is more than 3 years old, than why should anyone go there to read them?? The song is Summer of ’69 is 15 years old which is why he is so much popular, don’t you understand. Would you go watch a singer who recorded a song yesterday? You must have heard IMAGINE by John Lennon and I am sure you know how old the song is. So, if my common sense servers me right, you wouldn’t attend the concert if Lennon were alive and would be performing that song live here in Nepal because ohh..that song is more than 2 decades old, right? With such stupid logic, you will only lose the credibility of your writing, KETI.

So, everything that happens here in Nepal should be judged on the basis of what economic contribution it will possibly provide, right? Kudos, on your thought. You should be the next Finance-minister of this country. We need people like you up there, not here making faces on arrival of Bryan Adams.

You even have problems with him bringing his supports with him. What do you expect him to do? Come down to Kathmandu on our famous Nepal Airlies and eat at the local “bhattis” and than request the security guards to let him in so that he can perform? You might have zilch knowledge about all the effort the government of Nepal is doing to make the tourism year 2011 successful, his arrival will make news over the internet, ultimately convincing people to come to Nepal for whatever reason it might be.

And for all your cries on pollution, load shedding, water shortage and sexual harassment, sorry but I don’t think Bryan Adams promised to resolve any of those problems, anywhere. You will have to write to the “Netas” instead for the pollution, load shedding, water shortage and for the sexual harassment, I suggest you not to be over-inviting and at least don’t walk alone during the load shedding at least.

True, Bryan Adams will not campaign for (Visit Nepal) Tourism Year 2011 but than should every celebrity coming into Nepal have the sole purpose of being a brand ambassador of some sort to promote Nepal?? And going by your choice of “Young Men” for whatever reason it is, I heard Justin Bieber might come to Kathmandu so keep your ass warm until then.

Meengma. 🙂

PS. I didn’t even want to edit this one because I am sure you are good at finding mistakes anyway. 🙂

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