Constipated Anticipation (CA)

To be or not to be (in the government). The question that keeps ringing inside the heads of our PKD and BRB and his lots. The second deadline for drafting the constitution is less than 100 days now and still our “Jungle Men” are busy lingering around Balwatar bargaining for “Griha” while the man in the house JNK is in no mood to give in. “F**k you, PKD”, he says. Bichara, what is he supposed to do when MaKuNe and Oli are suddenly worried about the country and the country men and thinks the 7 point deal is a “baula kukkur” who will only spread “rabies” of uncertainty.“Naai, malai tei “Griha” chaincha”, they all cry.

The country is going through 14+ hours of load-shedding which according to some newspaper will go up to 21 hrs by next year but who cares, I mean Singha Durbar will be solar powered by then. The PM and other “mantri” quarters will have generators provided by the Nepal Electricity Authority because thier only duty is to keep those “Mantri” happy and than there are at least half of the population working their butt off to provide all the “petrol” the “mantris” will need to keep themselves in light and away from load-shedding.

Same is the case with drinking water. I have heard Nepal is second richest in “water” resources after Brazil and I say to myself, there must something agonizingly wrong with the statistics, right? I mean, if there is so much of water, why is there everything(not in a good way) but the water in our country. With 5 to 6 thousand taps added additionally every year, we are bound to have serious problem soon enough. I hope we have the “Melamchi ko pani” soon before the city goes crazy. “Balai bhayena”, the “mantris” sing together.

And then there are Casinos out here in Nepal that would rather close down(and start with a new name of course) instead of paying the taxes they are supposed to. Its ironic we need our efficient “Mantris” to decide if the Casinos should be closed down because then they will have no where to go after a Hard Day’s night, right?. Bichara, I feel pity for them like “seriously”. “Casino ko fed muni, commission ko chaya”, they spill the beans.

I could go on but my point being, with all the problems its easy to calculate that No  government+No Water+No lights+No law and order = No Nepal(someday)….phhewwww…that’s one scary thought hai??

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