Posted in March 2011

Sucker Punch.

Sometimes there are movies that doesn’t need stories. Just the visual effects and the height of imagination and the vision is reason enough for you to get your dose of entertainment. I have always preferred movies that have the logical reasoning and anything above or below that has always been a time wasted. I remember … Continue reading

Don’t breed or buy. Adopt.

When I first saw him, he couldn’t stand on his four legs. Extremely malnourished, hungry, exhausted and scared. He looked right into my eyes and with the expression, “Please, don’t leave me here.” That was when I decided he was going with me.  He is Austin and I am telling you his story today. Krishna … Continue reading

She got a new life – Case Study.

Lately I have been doing some translation of case studies for the UN. The best part of this is that you get to know so many untold stories out there that have changed the people’s life in so many ways. This one particularly, I could not help but share here. As told by one of … Continue reading


I was already running late for my office. Normally, it takes me about less than 15 minutes to reach Jhamsikhel from Kapan but today I was going to be extra late. Why?? Because our grand designer at Sigha Darbar with his escorts ahead and behind him won’t let anyone overtake because apparently this road belongs to his father and mother. We pay tax for that … Continue reading

A Holi that wasn’t.

All festivals have a meaning and a purpose and they are enjoyed if it is followed or at least kept in mind. But for some weird reason, here in Kathmandu, people have started remolding the meaning and molesting the purpose of every festival that we have. The “having fun”, enjoying,  and connecting with people have … Continue reading

Sick City.

I remember watching its preview in YouTube couple of weeks back and it caught my attention right away specially the language used by one of the protagonist was so real like those commonly used by the city dwellers in Kathmandu. The movie has no commercial value as per say but having said that I think this movie … Continue reading

Jeff Dunham – the funny guy..!!

I recently came across Jeff Dunham. If you don’t already know who he is, he is a stand up comedian and a very succesful ventriloquist (read highest earning). He has been around for quite sometime now and I only heard about him recently so I thought I might just spread the word about this legendary man who has built characters like  Achmed … Continue reading

Join the Mob.

Kathmandu is having its first ever Flash Mob and I am all excited about it. Just until last week, I had no idea what it was all about but after watching this clip in youtube, I am all in for it. A group of social workers, teachers, health workers, environmentalists, child rights activists, animal rights activists, promoters … Continue reading

Its fake..!

People have funny sense of humor and sometimes its not even funny. I was waiting for somebody to arrive in Sherpa Mall having my usual “Latte” when I got a sms which read “There was a nuclear blast 4:30pm Sunday in Fukushima Japan. If it rains today or in the next few days, DO NOT … Continue reading

Batch No. 16

Nepali movies are crawling its way out of the cliches. Some come out as a winner while other just wish they could. Sadly Batch No. 16 doesn’t impress you much. The movie was released on March 11th, 2011 and the tremendous hype surrounding the movie, I expected Jai Nepal to be packed with audiences while … Continue reading