Kathmandu in obfuscation.

If you haven’t already noticed and if you aren’t from Kathmandu, there is currently a “nautanki” going on out here and as always not in a good way. Apparently, the traffic police suddenly feels like the whole reason for all the accidents taking place in Kathmandu is because of the digital number plates or whatever their reason is. So, without any prior notice, they stop and harass the drivers and penalize them. This is Kathmandu, Nepal for you. You’ve got to learn the art of living around here.

So, like all the “sojo janata”, I rush to the nearest painter to get the job done only so that I don’t have to pay Rs. 1000 to the traffic (not because I think its too much but because I don’t want my hard earned money to go into the pockets of those “ethics” nabhako traffic walas). There was a traffic inspector who was himself confused and was calling his head office to confirm. He informed me that the campaign has been kindly extended until “falgun masanta” but I decided to go on with my decision to get it changed. Only later I find out, the campaign has been withheld.

I guess Trey Parker and Matt Stone are correct when they say, “Sometimes what’s right isn’t as important as what’s profitable”. Congratulations KTM ko traffic, I am sure you were able to make some decent profit from this stupid act of yours. Next time, we’d appreciate a little public notice(if that’s not much of an inconvenience for you) in advance so that we can at least prepare our self to abide by your “out of the blue” rules, thank you.

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