So I was heading towards my office yesterday and there were bunch of kids and in some cases adults, every 100 meters stopping the passerby bikes and cars and cabs. Some of them were pretty innovative, they had a small Shiva ji ko postcard and an incense stick lit next to it on a plate with little bit of “tika”. I had crossed some 20 hurdles when I decided to give it in for this one for their innovation :D. Oh.. I forgot to mention, It was Shiva Ratri and money just fell off the tree today.

I was thinking how easily we tend to absorb the vices out here in Kathmandu(can’t speak about other cities).

Maha Shivaratri: This festival was supposed to be celebrated with all those all day fasting, offering Bael and what not. But instead we now have guys getting stoned and the “pocket maras” checking out the women in Pashupati and eyeing (in some cases foraying) those glittering jeweleries that they foolishly wear and display at such places. Its almost like an invitation to come and strip off their valuables whenever possible. What I don’t understand is, where did getting “stoned” come into play?  Or is it just because lord Shiva was one hell of a “gajadey” and that qualifies for a justification?

Holi: It is supposed to be one fun filled festival of colors and it used to be one during my childhood(at least as far as I can remember). But now, either I am getting “old” or this particular festival is getting nasty. I see it as a huge nightmare specially for the ladies and I really feel bad for them. Maybe the “radical feminist” should start some kind of protest against all the harassment  “women” have to go through during this time and leave that Miss Nepal ko contest alone.

Tihar: Did you get that card from a “youth club” claiming to come to your house for Tihar to play “dewsi”? Remember, they will come and play some “pop songs” that talks about “maya” and “bichod” or just play “Sheel Ki Jawani” and dance in your garden like its their relative’s marriage. But thats not the problem. The problem is Rs. 100 or 200 won’t do. Be ready with some Rs. 1000+ so that they don’t break your windows on their way out.

Dasain: I find it excruciatingly difficult to go out on “Navami” because of all the so called animal sacrifices in the name of ko ko dewta haru. I don’t understand the concept of killing animals in the name of god and then eating them for days. Why do it in the name of god? Maybe I can’t empathize this concept of sacrificing because I don’t understand the concept of god in the first place. But isn’t this festival a triumph of god over evil? If it is then why are we killing those innocent animals? And than we have Marriage, Faras, Paplu, Kauda, you name it and we have it and what better time than in dasain, right.

Losar: Its getting expensive. There are hundreds of association out there trying to make money in the name of Losar. I have to literally lock myself up in my house to avoid the tickets of various picnic, live shows and aru k k k k. I should be happy because its my festival but frankly speaking it scares the living daylights out of me everytime I think about it.

We used to have poem competitions(I came 3rd once..hehe) in our school days during “Shree Panchami”. Now I hear “Munni Badnam” being played recently on the same occasion. It doesn’t make sense to me but whatever the reason be, I feel we have come to “blank out” the core values of most of the festival we have.

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