Okay, yesterday was “Women’s Day”. But was it necessary to announce a public holiday?? No, I am not against feminism or any movement remotely related to it, in fact I strongly believe in Women empowerment. But I don’t understand how anyone will benefit from a public holiday in such occasions. Maybe, I don’t see a point in it.  But still, the public holidays that are provided randomly on any day needs to be questioned.

This morning I was in this shop and I overheard some kids happily stating, “Aja ta chutti cha school”. I was curious what festival it was today because I didn’t know so I asked one of the kids but the kids looked puzzled and started asking each other and one finally answered with a giggle on his face, “Khoi, “ka” bata aaucha rey” meaning it starts with the letter “क”. I literally had to Google to find out what was so important. Turns out its some protest from the teacher union. I don’t understand why everyone has to protest on working days. Why not be a little creative and protest on holidays? This way, their the voice will be heard and those who work and study won’t be hampered in anyway. But NO, our protester feels that everyone else should suffer in order to get their voice heard.Those children don’t even know why they shouldn’t be going to school but they are happy because they can go play instead. They don’t know about the consequences that will eventually bring in the long run but what have gone into the head of our government and those educated people who call themselves teacher??

According to wikipedia, here is the list of holidays in Nepal. I know the dates are not correct but that isn’t my point. For correct dates on holiday, click here.

  • 1 January – New Year’s Day
  • 14 and 15 January – Makar Sankranti
  • 20 January – Saraswati Puja
  • 12 February – Maha Shivaratri
  • 24 February – Education Day
  • 28 February and 1 March – Phagu Purnima
  • 14 April – Nepali New Year
  • 24 August – Raksha Bandhan
  • 25 August – Gaijatra
  • 1 September – Krishna Janmashtami
  • 10 September – Dar Khane Din
  • 11 September – [ Teej in Nepal, fasting by women ]
  • 8 to 24 October – Dashain
  • 4 to 7 November – Diwali or Tihar

So, if you go by the dates, there is at least 30+ days that qualifies for a public holiday. Add to that another 100 approximate Saturdays and Sundays. Plus the summer and winter holidays. Plus our regular bandhs. So, if you calculate it, its something like

30(public holidays)+90(Saturdays and Sundays minus approximate 10 days of public holidays that fall in those weekends+45 days summer/winter holidays+approximate 30 Bandhs(Nepal+Chakka Jam+Rajdhani and so on) = 195 approximate days of no studying.

This is just an estimated number randomly calculated and I am sure I am missing more to this. With this kind of figure, I don’t understand how the education of Nepal is going to improve in anyway. I find it funny that our policy makers/governments are so short-sighted because this is clearly going  to create blockade in the overall development of the country. While the schools will have problem trying to complete the syllabus, the students will have to face the pressure of it to attain good marks in the exams. Maybe that explains the growing rate of depression on the children and teens.

While there are some holidays that can’t be avoided, I am sure everyone agrees with the point that holidays that can be avoided should be avoided. The government should make strict policies about it and I am sure the parents will be more than willing to send their children to school instead of seeing them play “ghuccha” in the neighborhood.


5 thoughts on “Holi(moly)days..!!

  1. Agreed Dai..Ya have raised a really important issue here in this blog. And i am totally against the unwanted holidays apart from some really important ones.
    But to the positive sides, things have changed. If we just roll back to the era when we were in school–holidays were plenty a rife then as compared to what we have today. Let’s hope, the one in the right post shall make more amendment regarding the list of holidays and the students would have more time to engross themselves in the proper learning atmosphere.
    Once again, thumbs up for your effort..

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