A pledge to be vegetarian..!

This is my second consecutive post in a day and that too in less than 6 hours. I was always too lazy to write although the “think” button is constantly pressed in the upstairs of my body i.e. my brain but I couldn’t help it this time around.

Today after finishing that article on earthquake, I didn’t have much work to do in my office so I was reading this article when suddenly I saw a link and clicked at meatvideo.com. 2 minutes into the video and my heart was crying already. I had tears in my eyes seeing those little animal being mercilessly killed for whatever reason it is.

People have made fun of me in the past. They have commented “Ghas pat khaney sherpa” and I have never taken them seriously. I was a vegan from my school days because of only one reason, the love for the animals. The dasain always used to be a huge nightmare for me with all those animals being killed in the name of sacrifice to the god. I have seen hundreds of hungry buffaloes being transported into Kathmandu in those huge truck with no water, no food and not even enough space to move around and it always broke my heart. But today, after seeing the video, I am ashamed of myself because I belong to that category of food chain who kill innocent animals mercilessly. I have always preferred vegetable items over meat products. I stopped eating buff many years ago when in one occasion I got to find out how it is killed. Apparently, the animal’s legs are tied up and is made to lie on the floor, and with a huge sledge hammer it is repeatedly hit on the head until it dies painfully.

I am sharing this video with you and pledging you to think twice before ordering a Non-Veg from the menu. I am sure its a tough decision to make but maybe you can give it a try. I have gone vegan right this moment (although the meat consumption was next to nil, I admit eating chicken items only sometimes but that too when I am forced to. But I guess no one will be able to force me into eating meat product from here and from now onwards.

Click here for a free vegan kit that might just help you turn into a vegetarian and help save some innocent animal.

5 thoughts on “A pledge to be vegetarian..!

  1. O’ where should i start from? I have no words to pen here actually as my mind is blank with the video attested above.
    It’s gruesome and to me it’s the lowest denomination human beings can fall to. Now does it reflect, “Survival of the fittest” as we read in our school days? Or is it just another free fall we human can make to downgrade our civilization?
    What about all those dollar stuffing org that claims themselves to be fighting for animal rights?
    To end it all; i guess the best thing for all of us to do is to be herbivorous .
    Eye opening post.

  2. I appreciate your noble thoughts about animal rights and turning vegetarian. But i believe, turning Vegan and Vegetarian have distinct parameters and i got slight confused by your enthusiasm of being Vegan in Nepalese context. I tried but not possible. Soya milk and products are unavailable in our country relatively so it becomes literally unimaginable. Anyways, kudos to you if u managed to. I am an eggetarian and satisfied. Are you really a Vegan?

    • Thank you Bibhu. I am trying my best to be Vegan rather than just a vegetarian. I am trying not to consume any diary products including milk but like you said, its difficult in Nepali context. For instance, my wife feels I am being very difficult and impractical. I used to work out and have 5 eggs a day(minus the yolk) for my protein but now I don’t eat eggs. I am trying to quit eating or drinking any dairy products because every time I drink milk, I imagine those little hungry, plastic eating calf thrown out into the roads of our city. Yes, the very milk I am drinking belongs to them.

      I agree with you, its impossible to be a vegan but yet the “trying” part gives me that sense of satisfaction.


      PS. You are right. As I think about it now I think the topic was a little too extreme hence I change it. Thank you. 🙂

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