Sick City.

I remember watching its preview in YouTube couple of weeks back and it caught my attention right away specially the language used by one of the protagonist was so real like those commonly used by the city dwellers in Kathmandu. The movie has no commercial value as per say but having said that I think this movie was better most Nepali movies that have it.

First thing first, I felt that Sick City did not fall into the category of a hardcore Nepali movie because of few reasons. Its is just about one hour and fifteen minutes long, there are no songs(or dances for that matter), no actor and actress dancing in some Mela with background dancers with similar blue or red dress, no “dheesum dheesum”, no superman “wanna-be” flying over cars and bikes, no sophisticated gun carrying “goondas” and so forth. It is more of a docudrama.

The movie is a story about Krishna and one night (read last night) in the life of Krishna. He has dreams and big ones for which he knows not his own limits to pursue it. He works for Manu, a big time drug dealer in Thamel and wants to be like him – rich and powerful. Although he resides in a small old house with his wife, she only complains about his irresponsibility towards his family while he casts into the city during the night. He meet Manu’s daughter Laxmi who is blind, crazy and a drug addict who helps Krishna to steal some good amount of heroine from her father but dies due to drug over does. Manu finds out about this and his connections in Thamel help him find Krishna and the movie ends with Krishna losing his family towards the end of the movie (probably).

The movie is said to be a breakthrough in the world of Nepali movies. Well.. I don’t know about that but it sure does not follow the beaten path but tries to make its own trail. Arpan Thapa who plays Krishna manages to impress you again after Batch No. 16. He had a great responsibility on his shoulder since there was no single frame without him and he excels. Another actor after Anup Baral whose movie I will look forward to.

Few first minutes, I felt like I was playing Max Payne in my pc with all the shaky camera works. Director Murray Kerr has tried his best to keep the story realistic with shooting in realistic location even the brothels, the dance bar, the tea-shop and the rickshaw drivers look real. No wonder it won the best movie in KIMFF. The background score blends well with the movie and each actor tries to portray their characters well. He tries to present the dark side of the fun filled Thamel and what goes behind it when everyone is sleeping. However the low picture quality gives you the feeling that he might have just made the whole movie with his handycam. One problem that I see in every Nepali movie. Story wise, director manages to convey what the actors are trying to do except the part where Manu’s daughter helps Krishna steal the goodie from her father. I don’t know how come she had the keys to his safe?

Nevertheless, better than most of the Nepali movies out there which will impress some while other might detest and reject it right away.


2 thoughts on “Sick City.

  1. Thanks for wonderful review. Will watch it within this week, when I returned to Kathmandu since People are rating this movie as ‘Most Watch’.

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