A Holi that wasn’t.

All festivals have a meaning and a purpose and they are enjoyed if it is followed or at least kept in mind. But for some weird reason, here in Kathmandu, people have started remolding the meaning and molesting the purpose of every festival that we have. The “having fun”, enjoying,  and connecting with people have been throw out of the windows and have been replaced with drinking like there is no tomorrow, gambling, fighting(gang fights in case of teenagers) and of course when there is a Holi, targeting every girls in whatever way possible to humiliate them. And this Holi, I witness one such shameful mishap that took place in the streets of Thamel with one of the female tourist who was enjoying with her friends.

I wanted to capture some moments of Holi so I along with my friend Manoj headed towards Thamel. Near the “chowk” in Thamel after crossing Kathmandu Guest House where the road to Sat Ghumti and Sora Khutte separate, there were a bunch of people interviewing for ABC news channel.  I stopped to take some pictures and saw couple of tourists were being interviewed while people gathered around them to watch them. Suddenly, one of the female tourist starts slapping this guy who was standing behind her. I along with other people already took the liberty to guess what might have happened in the crowd. She kept slapping him while he moved away from her. Just moments ago she was enjoying with her friends and everyone out there and in less than 5 minutes the guy was successful to make her fill with rage and humiliation.

Scene 1: Everyone is having fun with people around and ABC news trying to interview the tourist.

Scene 2: Her friend sings for ABC news channel while others around them are dancing.

Scene 3: The guy behind the lady knows what he is doing already.

Scene 4: The lady sense something and looks behind.

After slapping the guy couple of times, he fleds the scene while the lady is still full of rage and speaks to her friends.

Scene 6: She speaks nepali fluently and tells ABC news the reason she doesn’t let her younger sisters go around alone.

It was supposed to be Holi but it didn’t look like one to me and maybe to her as well. But the lady was strong enough(very strong infact) to fight back. The guy received a couple of nice slaps for his shameful act from the lady although there was no guilt on his face for whatever he did. I wonder what he would do if the same thing would happen to his own sister or mother. I bet he’d be laughing and clapping. The luck was on his side that day because the people around were starting to heat up and had he not fled the scene I am sure he would have made a “keema” out of himself.

I am particularly publishing this post for all the females out there who aren’t strong enough to say or do anything about such coward acts that only humiliate them. Stop being so meek and fight back because people like these are cowards and can do nothing to you once you start fighting back. Be strong and don’t let them humiliate you.

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