Sucker Punch.

Sometimes there are movies that doesn’t need stories. Just the visual effects and the height of imagination and the vision is reason enough for you to get your dose of entertainment. I have always preferred movies that have the logical reasoning and anything above or below that has always been a time wasted. I remember dozing off during TRON because I could not connect to the characters that were too much imaginative or maybe I was not in the mood for it. Sucker Punch although falls in the similar category of wild and fantasy movie was one of the best I had seen lately (or maybe that’s just the Avatar hangover on me).

A young girl’s mother and sister is supposedly killed by her stepfather and is put into a mental asylum. She will have to undergo lobotomy in five days. She moves into her own fantasy world and along with other 4 friends plots to escape the facility. The real world and the fantasy worlds are mixed into one while the girl with her friends will have to fight and retrieve the 5 items that will help them in escaping the brutal asylum.

The movie gives the sense of Shutter Island and maybe it will remind you of Black Swan. But Sucker Punch is a crazy CGI action movie with sexy leading actresses who just adds up to the heat of the impossible gravity defying stunts and the visual effects that will leave you asking for more.  I had watched the scintillating Emily Browning before in “The Uninvited” which was again the somewhat similar to the plot of Sucker Punch but her charm in the movie was a treat to watch.

3.5 / 5


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