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Thor Marvel has given us many superheroes and loads of actions in the past – From Spiderman to Hulk. So, one thing you can expect from them is loads of action with those awesome visual effects. Their recent release “Thor” is another feather added on their hat. The god of thunder – Thor will entertain … Continue reading

April, Flash Mob and Grease..!!

April was busy a month. Not professionally though although I wish it was. Tourist arrival hit the lowest all time in my office which has led me to think about profession change at some point. I might as well jump into my passion of photography. I am expecting a nice DSLR in the next three … Continue reading

Beware…be very aware..!!

Have you received an email from any random person lately asking for your help to move some million dollars from their country to another and that they will pay you some percentage upon helping them to do so?? or even that email stating that you just won a certain million in some jackpot and asking … Continue reading

The Complain Box.

I, in my worst nightmares wouldn’t want to step into any government office in Kathmandu but my job is such that I can’t help but face them with a smiling face and addressing them with respect-less “Sir”, every time I have to request them to sign my papers in order to get my job done. … Continue reading

Flash Mob in Kathmandu..!!

9th April was great in many ways for me. Got to watch RIO and it was a great 3D animation movie and took part in the flash mob to create awareness on using clean brick. Now, the song choices may be a topic of discussion(whether or not the bollywood songs should have been there) but … Continue reading

When there was light..!!

Suddenly there is so much light, so much energy and so little to do. Nope, I am not trying to be poetic, not remotely trying to be philosophical and it is definitely not the positive vive enveloping me this very moment. Actually, the thing is there is “batti” and quite frankly I [like many other … Continue reading

Broken Dreams and Shattered Expectations..!!!

Something happened in the year of 2006 and I am reminded of the incident again and this small something I wrote then. At the dump site of broken dreams and shattered expectations is where the Spirit of OPTIMISM is at work planting the seeds of wholeness which give us hope for a new tomorrow. 🙂 … Continue reading