When there was light..!!

Suddenly there is so much light, so much energy and so little to do. Nope, I am not trying to be poetic, not remotely trying to be philosophical and it is definitely not the positive vive enveloping me this very moment. Actually, the thing is there is “batti” and quite frankly I [like many other Nepali out here in Nepal]  am used to being under the dim light of my 4 watts CFL light that is lit by the inverter that is recharged every 4 humble hours that our very own thoughtful and considerate NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) provides us. The NEA is more of a No Electricity Authority than Nepal Electricity Authority, don’t you think? 😀

So, I was saying, there is so much light today. Our schedule for THE loadshedding today was something like 8am-3pm and 6pm-12am. Its 9:26pm exactly and somehow those stupid NEA walas forgot to switch off the main lines. And to make full use of the generosity of NEA, this very moment I am doing the following:

  1. Managing all the files in my laptop [Anju got me new batteries for my laptop and it feels like new…]
  2. Watching TV
  3. Washing all my cloths. [and it is not just me, Anju is washing the clothes though she is damn tired. (:P)] She is all charged up (batti le hola..hehe)
  4. Writing this blog
  5. Recharging everything that needs to be recharged [If that counts for a work]

In short, I am multitasking. Now, whoever said guys can’t multitask can shut the hell up [lol]. BTW..Anyone watched the movie “Limitless”. I feel like the protagonist of that movie right now and it feels like the ample light is doing the work of NZT and my mind is enhanced to 100%. Well..my body is at least.  So much for the quiet Friday night that I had planned initially. Thank you NEA for your generosity that wasn’t needed actually.

So, my day went okay aja. Went for an interview at a US based trekking company and I had fun. The experience itself was awesome so it doesn’t matter if I get the job or not. Also evening ma, we had a grand rehearsal for the Flash Mob at Sanepa whichwe are having tomorrow at Basantapur Durbar Square… Can’t wait. Late evening, I had planned to meet few of my old friends but that didn’t work out since they decided meeting up in a “bhatti” and I hate that weird smell that comes out from such place, besides I am having headache.

Oh, may be NEA people came back to sense and thus we have our No light now for another 8 hours. I just finished washing my clothes so that doesn’t matter…hehe. I am tired so I think I am going to bed now to watch Little Focker in Anju’s N8. I watched a part of it this morning and there was one very funny question that Gaylord Focker’s son asks at the dinner table, “Dad, Can a girl poop from her vagina?”. I burst out laughing and mom came rushing into my room asking “k bhayo…k bhayoo??”… hehe

Good night, peoples.

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