Flash Mob in Kathmandu..!!

9th April was great in many ways for me. Got to watch RIO and it was a great 3D animation movie and took part in the flash mob to create awareness on using clean brick. Now, the song choices may be a topic of discussion(whether or not the bollywood songs should have been there) but I am sure the thought was noble and the concept – new. Many people out there may be criticizing the choices of the songs and they may be right on their grounds but the flash mob @ Basantapur was more of a dance show (with brochures on clean bricks being handed out after the dance). For the real awareness, we had another program at Jawlakhel football ground and I will post the video as soon as I have converted into an uploadable format. Untill then enjoy this video and pour in your thoughts.

Watch a historic flashmob in Nepal, in the heart of Kathmandu Durbar Square. Did you know? Children as young as six can be found working full time in the brick factories around Kathmandu. Working in the brick factories exposes all workers especially children to irreparable health damage including acute respiratory infections, back injuries, lung cancers. Black carbon released by the chimneys is a mass killer and is highly toxic. It is estimated that air pollution results in 1600 premature deaths per year in Kathmandu alone. Every year 837’600 tons of carbon dyoxide are released by the Valley’s brick kilns. Workers are exploited and animal abuse is prevalent. You can change this situation by using and promoting the use of clean and green bricks. More information here: http://www.brickclean.net


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