April, Flash Mob and Grease..!!

April was busy a month. Not professionally though although I wish it was. Tourist arrival hit the lowest all time in my office which has led me to think about profession change at some point. I might as well jump into my passion of photography. I am expecting a nice DSLR in the next three months and if that happens, I think I’ll just quit and start doing what I am passionate about. The other day, I saw on the paper that Ireland had a good school for Photography. So, if my scholarship application in Norway is rejected, I might just apply for this photography school in Ireland, I don’t know. There I go again, I keep floating away from what I am thinking about and end up writing about something else which in turn ends up into my draft section. I have about 10 drafts now waiting for completion and being published..hehehe.

Anyways, so I was saying, April was a busy month. We had Flash Mob at Basantapur and Jawlakhel on April 9th, which went to become quite famous kyare which was for a noble cause and I am happy I was able to do it, and the same thing in Durbarmarg street festival and than there was GREASE performance in Hyatt for some seminar organized by Philips. the rehearsals were tiresome and took away most of time.

Doing Grease was a fun experience. It had been sometime I made up to the stage. More than a  decade already to be precise. I don’t even remember when was the last time I went on stage. I think it was a live performance with Neipal Band and Mingma Sherpa at Rocks Bar, Hyatt. I remember somebody from audience shouting “R**** ko C****”. I was so pissed that I stepped down the stage, went into the audience to kick his ass. Couldn’t really find who he was but one of the organizer came to me and was trying to cool me down. I remember his exact words, “Gu lai chalayo bhaney afnai haat ganaucha,”.. haha. (See, again drifting away from the topic :D).

Grease was released in ’78. Its a musical story about Sandy and Danny and what they do for each other. A light musical rom-com as they would call it today. It was fun with all the crazy things we had to do on stage.

Grease @ Hyatt.

Flash Mob @ Jawlakhel.

Watch a historic flashmob by “concerned citizens” and residents of Kathmandu valley. Why “concerned”? Children as young as six can be found working full time in the brick factories around Kathmandu. Working in the brick factories exposes all workers especially children to irreparable health damage including acute respiratory infections, back injuries, lung cancers. Black carbon released by the chimneys is a mass killer and is highly toxic. It is estimated that air pollution results in 1600 premature deaths per year in Kathmandu alone. Every year 837’600 tons of carbon dyoxide are released by the Valley’s brick kilns. Workers are exploited and animal abuse is prevalent. You can change this situation by using and promoting the use of clean and green bricks. More information here: http://www.brickclean.net


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