Chalo Dilli..!!

This might look like a movie review site but its not :D. I had nothing important to do on a “May Day” so I just hopped into QFX Jai Nepal to watch the new release produced by Lara Dutta and starring Vinay Pathak and Lara Dutta herself. Now, if you remember Bheja Fry, there is no way you don’t remember Vinay Pathak. I have been a fan of his comic timing since the Hip Hip Hurray days on Zee TV. I thought he was great in Johnny Gaddar as well and now I am waiting for his Bheja Fry 2.

Chalo Dilli is another one of the typical Vinay Pathak movie that has it share of grinning,laughing and hilarity and a bit of drama towards the end.  It tends to become more of a travelogue since its based on various incidents that occurs during the travel of the two protagonists.

The story is simple. Lara Dutta and Vinay Pathak by faith and sheer occurrence have  to travel together from Jaipur to Delhi by road and rail. The journey they undergo comes with various experiences and ups and downs until they reach Delhi. Akshay Kumar  in special appearance comes to rescue at the towards the climax of the movie. The Yana Gupta song could have been avoided and if it was to be there could have been a little more enticing. From one point the movie starts getting boring however Vinay Pathak’s punches and coming timing is the only thing that keeps us connected to the movie. Lara’s acting skills never really impressed me and this wasn’t any exception either.  The movie passes across a message towards the end of the movie “Be Happy”.

Watch it if you think you can sit through 1.5 hrs of travelogue and if you are into comic lines and punches to laugh out loud.


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