Haunted (3D)

Last week I watched “The Rite” and it was one scary flick. Maybe Antony Hopkins has all that magic in him. Haunted – 3D, my third movie this month (or was that the fifth..??). The movie Haunted has been in new for quite sometime now. I am a fan of thriller movies and I also remember waking up till 12 some 10-12 years back to watch the Ramsay show in Zee TV and that used to be quite scary often but I think we have grown up and those scary scenes are more of a comedy as we watch them now. But I guess the bollywood directors still have the same Ramsay vision when they decide to make a horror movie. Its just like watching those decade old story recaptured with a better camera and sound effects. Haunted falls into that same category of tried and tested venture that just doesn’t give you the creeps.

Caution: Spoilers ahead 😀

The story went just fine until the interval. A guy needs to sell a mansion which will profit him in some million amount and when he visits that mansion, its Haunted with 2 spirits. One is the evil spirit and the other one is that of a girl who is captured by the evil for his what we would call it for fulfilling the physical desire. The evil spirit that is  hyper-sexually active rapes the spirit of the girl every night and there are screams of her in the house for the last 80 years. Post-interval the logics were all thrown out of the window. The time travel thing that the protagonist goes through just didn’t make sense to me. The going back 80 years and coming back doesn’t just add up to the story. There is a lot of other things that needs to be explained before just ending the story. I was yawning my way through the movie rather than being on the edge my seats and that explains that I was totally disconnected with the characters which was why I was waiting for the movie to just finish so that I could leave and go home.

Haunted claims to be the first India stereoscope 3D movie. Technically, the 3D effects were good though. The 3D effects were okay (The Kung Fu Panda trailer of 30 seconds in the beginning was the best part :D). The sounds did the work most of the time. The make up artist needs could have done better because the ghosts were funny rather than scary. The songs however were pretty good. I am downloading some of them right now. The new actor and actresses were just about okay.

Except for the 3D effect, there is nothing much to the movie because ultimately we go into the theater for a great story and not some gimmickry.


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