Come on “YOUTH” …..”STAND UP”…….!!!!!

For the last few days, one Facebook event has been making rounds – Come on “YOUTH” …..”STAND UP”. The basic object of the event is gather as much people and particularly youths to protest against the political parties  to pressurize them to write our constitution on time.

Since the Unified Communist Party of Nepal stopped their so called “People’s War” and agreed with the ceasefire, people of Nepal hoped for a peaceful country that was in war within itself for almost a decade. After winning the election of the constituent assembly, people hoped for a better political scenario and at least a stable government from the Maoists but all of the people’s hope and expectation are slammed upon their face and the dirty game of constantly being in the power has over-shadowed the basic and prime reason, the political parties were elected. Each party is suffering from huge contrast ideas within itself that is only leading into further conflict between themselves.

The previous two years time for drafting the constitution has expired with additional 1 year being added which will end this month. The member of the constitution elected have done nothing more than creating scandals so far. From slapping the government worker to the infamous red passport scandals, from being caught with commercial sex workers to the recently being drunk and going crazy in public. The 601 members receive approximately Rs. 55000 per month for writing the assembly but till date have been unable to provide any concrete draft of constitution for which they are paid.

The event has almost 8000 people attending. If 50% of the people who have decided to attend show up will have 4000 people approximately attending the protest. It is important for us to raise our voice against the politicians of Nepal and I will be attending the protest along with many other youths. However, I have my doubts on how this will be organized and if this will be fruitful but we must try from our end. Its time we stand up for a cause.

Event Link:

Date: 14 May, 2011

Location: Infront of Constituent Assembly Building, New Baneshwor.

If you want to change the game, you have to be in the field.

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