Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger tide.

The latest installment of the adventures of Jack Sparrow (There should be “Captain” somewhere) takes you yet to another unpredictable journey into “The Fountain of Youth”. With a new director for this franchise Rob Marshall, this time and many of the previous face like Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley and most of Sparrow’s crew are missing yet the ambiance of the previous installment is kept intact in this one as well.

If the previous installments had various sub plots in the movie, this one remain faithful and sticks to one patch making it easier for people to understand the going around in the movie. Captain Jack Sparrow ventures in search of the “Fountain of Youth” but soon he finds out that its not just him who is looking for it but Blackbeard and his daughter wants a piece of it too.

Johnny Deep’s personification as Captain Jack Sparrow just goes one step forward in immortalizing the character. Its like Michael Corleone of God Father or Tony Montana of Scarface or even Travis of Taxi Driver. Penelope Cruz is stunning and sexy. The only one who could actually stand up to the level of Jack Sparrow. In fact the constant one liner between the two must be the highlights of the movie to make the going on a witty one.

The visual is stunning and watching it in 3D only makes the experience awe-inspiring. For those who have enjoyed the journey of Sparrow previously, will definitely love being a part of this one as well.

Btw make sure you choose the front seat if you are going for a 3D.



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