On Stranger tide – The missed clip.

Hollywood is innovative in so many ways. I’ll tell you, why. Now, for the past many years the end credits have been overlooked. Those people who have worked day and night are ignored right after the movie is over and nobody really waits for the credit to roll up. We just stand up and leave. Its sad but its the truth. Maybe for this very reason, they have this new dido to make us not leave our seat. So, they insert one very crucial clip at the very end (after all the credit rolls up) of the movie. Now, this clip at the end does 2 things, first it makes you stay there and read all the credits and secondly, gives an important clue that there might just be more the slate in the coming years. 😀

I didn’t get to watch this clip at the theater so I am just posting it here again for those who have missed it.

PS. I will make sure I’ll be the last to leave the theater from now on. 😀

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