Rise of the Planet of the Apes..!

I have been very lazy lately to do many things for a last couple of weeks and writing my blog is one of them although there have been many things I wanted to write about from overrated Tourism year 2011 to how can you actually obtain a driving license in Nepal (even if you fail the trail). Its not like I have been dead busy working my *beep* off in office nor have I been out of touch with the internet. I guess I was just waiting for my visa application to be approved for Ireland. I’ll know that in 2 weeks time. It would have been that way if I had not watched “Rise of the Planet of Apes” tonight.

My friend wanted to go watch “The Smurfs”. I had read the reviews about the movie and it wasn’t very exciting so I decided to skip and watch Rise of The planet of The Apes instead. And I am actually glad that I decided to watch this one instead.

I didn’t know this was a prequel of “Planet of Apes” and quite frankly after the movie I don’t even think it is one. I am gonna have to download that movie and watch it. 😀 Anyways, Rise of The Planet of The Apes was actually “engaging” right from the beginning of the movie to the end. A doctor who is working on the medicine to cure Alzheimer and a medical facility that experiments the medicine on Apes goes horribly wrong and have to euthanize all the apes and halt the experiment. However, the doctor manages to save one new born chimpanzee. Only to find out that the medical experiment done on the mother has been transferred into new born which makes it smart and human like. The ape slowly learns the human signs and communicates with the doctor. And one incidents leads the ape to the highly abusive ape sanctuary. And this is where the movie actually starts on how the ape manages to communicate with other apes and the revolution against the human being starts.

The movie stars James Franco who was highly impressive in 127 hours. He is awesome here too. Frieda Pinto leaves a mark. But it is Ceaser (the ape) who actually makes the whole on-goings believable.   With little dialogues(post interval), the expression of the ape is so real, and you actually feel good about the apes taking over the human supremacy. The conclusion does give you a hint that there might be a sequel on the line and if so I would definitely want to watch it.

So, if you are in a mood for some thriller this summer, I would suggest the movie.


One thought on “Rise of the Planet of the Apes..!

  1. To sum it up, a quite effective film falling just brief of getting a masterpiece. Nevertheless, the only flaw in the film is that the film could have already been just a little longer! I’m really hoping for a director’s cut mainly because there need to have been a few a lot more character development scenes among father and son, boyfriend and girlfriend, and even Ape and Human. I felt the film was paced a bit also quickly but nonetheless, nonetheless consists of extremely fleshed out characters driven by exceptional performances throughout, from Lithgow, to Franco, to Cox and particularly by Andy Serkis.

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