Posted in November 2011

Same old same..!

Kathmandu hasn’t changed a bit in those nearly two months (not that I was expecting it to anyway). There are some upgrading(or downgrading) going on the streets and it looks all messy. As always the traffic is messed up big time. I was stuck in in traffic for a long time on the day I … Continue reading

Before I leave..!! :D

I am done with the packing now.  Just need to take one last shower here before I leave Dublin for good. I am doing that final bit of downloading of everything that I will need for the road. From the India.Arie to South Park. I need them all for the long 14 hours long flight … Continue reading

You against yourself..!

Okay, this has been staying in my draft for a long time now and I don’t think I will be able to conclude it so I’ll just go ahead and publish it before it goes into trash like other 100’s of them. 😀 I have realised that there will always be two sides of you … Continue reading

Random thoughts.

I think….. People say “Just trying to be nice” which somehow I find is bullshit. You are either nice or you are not. There is no trying. If there were no internet at all, there would be more people connecting with each other rather than just connecting virtually. I mean, basically your list of friends would be … Continue reading

Born in the 80’s..!!

I was thinking about writing something and updating my blog but as always nothing much creative was heading my way (as always) and then I saw this status somewhere and thought why not share it here itself. “I was BORN in 80’s. The last SANE generation! – We are the last generation that learnt to … Continue reading

The Guinness Storehouse..!!

After days of arriving here at Dublin, I finally decided to get out of this apartment to visit some interesting place. I decided to look up in the internet and the only place that I found interesting was “The Guinness Storehouse”. So, I decided to go ahead and check it out. The Guinness Storehouse is … Continue reading

Something strange happened today..!!

And something strange happened today. It has been over a month that I have been away from you but there has been no single day or moment that I did not think of you. Its almost like you are here with me every second, almost like a telepathy or something that keeps moving my inner … Continue reading