Random thoughts.

I think…..

People say “Just trying to be nice” which somehow I find is bullshit. You are either nice or you are not. There is no trying.

If there were no internet at all, there would be more people connecting with each other rather than just connecting virtually. I mean, basically your list of friends would be a lot less yet there would be more coming for help when you actually need them or maybe want to talk to them instead of just poking them and waiting for them to poke back. 😀

The western life style is highly over rated. It looks good from the outside but when you are actually there, its just the majority of busy people, having loads of junk food and watching loads of TV. Plus nobody ever talks about how fucked up the weather is anyway.

Everyone is racist in one way or the other. Those who think they are not, well, they are hypocrite. They just don’t know it yet.

Why are beginnings always so bloody difficult??

Its easy to manipulate the mind. You just need to know how but than again, that is the most difficult part.

Why is facebook so famous when there were already hi5 and zorpia doing pretty much what facebook is doing? I guess Zuckerberg was destined to do that. Oh, that reminds me, “do you believe in destiny?”. I do.

I think I just misspelt Zuckerberg (because it was underlined with that red line) so I right clicked it to see the correct spelling and guess what topped the list..”cocksucker”… lol.. why would wordpress do that?

There are so many things I want to do in life that it seems like one life is not enough. I guess I’ll just reborn again..hmmm..!

What if I survive 2012? and what if I am the only one.?? :O.

I wish I could paint. There are so many images in my mind that I would like to put it in canvass.

29 thoughts on “Random thoughts.

  1. Interesting post. I totally agree. Everybody actually had a social life before facebook and other social networking came into being. Now everyone just sits and stares at a screen. Laptop, a best friend? And, well we all have things to do, another life sounds like an idea.. but surviving 2012 = wake up and just another day where the people predicted the world was ending like in 2000 and 1996. blah. 🙂

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