You against yourself..!

Okay, this has been staying in my draft for a long time now and I don’t think I will be able to conclude it so I’ll just go ahead and publish it before it goes into trash like other 100’s of them. 😀

I have realised that there will always be two sides of you when you need to make some big decision that will somehow change your life including the ones that are around you or at least of those who love you.

I am sure you have heard people say  “listen to your heart and not your mind” or the other way round. Well, I am talking about something similar maybe. If you sit and think about it, there is this constant war going on inside you [between the 2 you’s] and you are like that lone Stalingrad or something and you have to protect yourself against the huge army of “indecisions” that will keep firing you from every corner of your morality until you give up. The “two” you will find every little hole to make it pretty difficult for the “whole” you and specially when it comes to making some life changing decision, they will almost screw you. Why?? Because the two you will never be on the same sides. Its like the weather. They might come close but never together and always each one trying to deny the existence of the other (now this is going way off topic). So the “whole” you will have to decide on whose side you will take and its not about being on the wrong side or the right side or the left side or whatever though.  No matter whose side you take, the other you, whom you decide to abandon will haunt you. It will swim deep down and dig the treasures of “guilt” and “insecurity”.

*to be continued..!!

4 thoughts on “You against yourself..!

  1. For starters, I really like the King of Spades. And the imagery you used in your writing was very good, “the two of you will find every little hole to make it pretty difficult for the “whole” you”. (okay, now I may be going all literary on you now). Anyhow, you’re so right, when you write about the two you’s. We all have it I guess. The little angel and devil on the two sides of our shoulders. Choosing one of them and the direction they lead on to.. is probably, the hardest decisions to make in life. Indecisiveness, oh talk about it, I can totally relate!
    I think the conclusion was well good. 🙂

    • Thank you :). Actually, its just you against yourself. You might think its you against the world but its not. I’ll tell you why I think its not? Because, when you want to go ahead and do something, you will actually go ahead and do it irrespective of the the opinions that the world will “bestow” upon you BUT its really you against yourself when you doubt your decision or even scared of being judged by the world and yet a part of you wants to go ahead with whatever it is and we tend to blame it on the world.

      (I don’t know if I am making any sense at all) 😀

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