Dublin, Kathmandu and a sprained ankle..!!

I am very bad with writing stuffs and I am not trying to be modest. I really mean it and I don’t even know why I have this blog because I’ll be gone for months and the only time when I post something is when I watch some movie and like it. And I was going through this blog “huncha badar” where she talks about creative people and listed my blog as well. It was nice of her to list me there with other bloggers that I think are way better than me.  Thanks to her. 🙂


So I am going back to Nepal tomorrow. I have had enough of Ireland already. I am tired of eating chicken for dinner and “bees-kut” for breakfast, although not particularly in that order. I hate the bed I sleep in because I hate the dunlop matteresses which makes my body ache and I hate the smell in the kitchen and even the corridor (some weird smell of the meat those Pakistani guys cook up there on the top floor, I think its beef). I hate how every passer-by looks at me and think I am Chinese. I even had some Chinese come up with a big grin and that “ni hou” expression, like somehow their parents adopted me. I don’t understand, why can’t a Nepali guy have chinky eyes and not be mistaken for some Chinese or Japanese or even a Filipino. Once I was in Pokhara doing some photograph and this petty vendor comes up to me and speaks to me in Japanese. I was like “dai, ma nepali ho” and he was like “ehhhhh lau..ma ta japanese hola bhanthanya” and somehow thought I didn’t have that “purchasing power” of the Japanese or what, left without saying anything more. I wouldn’t have bought anything, anyway.

Coming to Ireland must probably be one of the biggest mistake of my life for various reasons but under the circumstances that I arrived here, I should have known that I wouldn’t be able to spend too long here. I t was such a bad idea but I got that long needed break from the monotony I was going through back in Kathmandu, so “quid pro quo” for that, I guess. :D. And since I have resigned from the office, I will actually jobless now. I have worked long hours for the past couple of years now so that feeling of Joblessness  must be exciting hola. My friends and Anju(my wife) thinks that I am smart to enough to get another job but only time will tell. Anyways, I am going back to Kathmandu and I am happy.

For those who don’t know me, I was born and raised in Kathmandu. I have lived in Kathmandu my whole life (minus few months in USA and now Ireland and India, if vacation counts) :D. And over the years, I have seen it change and I have witnessed its adaptation to every change. The huge roads are now turned into “gallis”, “yatayat bus” has now replaced the “sajha bus” and “vikram tempos” somehow evolved into “safa tempos” You can’t find the 2 stroke “Rajdoot” motorcycles, which are the thing of past and instead, you will see “Pulsar” running around the city everywhere. That bike is like ants, you will find it everywhere. Even Jai Nepal went on to become QFX cinemas, Ratna park is now a joint where people trying to buy and sell sex are seen bargaining and so on.

I think I miss the choas that the traffic of Kathmandu has. Here in Ireland, everything so “organized”. I see people waiting for the lights to turn green even when the road is dead empty. I hate that. But at the same time, I wish it were like that in KAthmandu. Sitaram Hasechu or whatever should come here and be trained and when he is back in Kathmandu, he should be given full authority to change the transportation system in Nepal, I am sure he can bring in great changes.  Ireland is smaller than Nepal, rey. I didn’t know that, did you?? I was told Dublin is very safe. Thats bull shit, trust me. Its full of thieves and those “tik tikeys“. They will steal your bike, if that is not possible, they will steal the wheels and even if that is not possible, they will take off the seat. I was like, “WTF”. And there is some kind of protest going on near Trinity College every time. Some homeless people, I think. I hope, I won’t be like them when I get back to Nepal, in the line of homeless protestors..hehe

I also sprained my ankle today and it hurts bad. My wife kept asking me get some souvenir from Ireland for myself. I guess the sprained ankle qualifies as a souvenir..hehe..

Goodnite world or good morning rather..!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Dublin, Kathmandu and a sprained ankle..!!

  1. Have a safe journey back home. I bet you can’t wait to touch down in Kathmandu.

    I think life is a journey so there is no mistake. Every chapter is a learning curve and I am sure you learned a lot in this chapter called Ireland.

    Good luck with your sprained ankle. Hope it will get better soon. I

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