Before I leave..!! :D

All my bags are packed, I am ready to go.

I am done with the packing now.  Just need to take one last shower here before I leave Dublin for good. I am doing that final bit of downloading of everything that I will need for the road. From the India.Arie to South Park. I need them all for the long 14 hours long flight back home. One thing I will miss when I am back home is the internet here (internet speed particularly). Its 50 mbps here. The first few days, I was downloading all the Blu-ray version of the movies that I had missed (I know its illegal, but so are those songs in your iPod so stop judging me :P). Back home its 128kbps. I know that is one scary thought and a harsh reality as well but I will survive. And the word survive it reminds me that my ankle doesn’t hurt any more so I might just live. 😀

Pukar's art. Thanks for the creative "good morning", dude..!!

I'll miss the ps3 😦

I think I wil also miss my room. Although the bed wasn’t very comfortable, the room was.

Anyways, after landing here in Dublin, there was an Irish guy waiting for me at the airport. He was a nice guy and was explaining the ways around here but I was having hard time trying to figure out what he was exactly saying. The first time I saw him, he was like “Ha-ware-ya?” and I stood there trying to make sense out of it. I should have just replied “grand” or “grand altogether” instead of staring him with that “what??” expression..hehe. Its like from an Irish mouth, you’ll hear far less differentiation between the very distinct “o” sounds of “how” and “you. I find it cute though. For example, Gerard Butler as Viking in “How to train your dragon”. Speaking of accents, the Indians have funny accent too, hai. I had this teacher in school, I think he was from the South India or somewhere and he had really funny accent( as I think of it now). He kept saying tousand to Thousand. Didn’t notice much of it then because our own English was quite a shitty one. We used our own broken English. For instance, it would be, “Give ni” instead of, “please, give it to me”. It was fun though because we had our own ways of putting things across the table and not having to worry about being grammatically or even politically correct. ahhh the good old days..!!

Few other words that was actually once English but is now native words. hehe

bees-kut: biscuit
paa-eint: pant
dai-var: driver (I kept saying that long after I was in high school) 😀
sya-ter: satire
dee-stub: disturb
paa-tee: party
fee-lim: film
hironi: heroin
impotent : important. (now this one is pretty funny because one of my friend was telling me how “impotent” her husband was to her..) hehehe
When FM stations were introduced a lot of the caller kept saying delicate when it actually is dedicate. I don’t hear so much of it though.

The list goes on but those are the ones I remember right now.

I think I should be the Nepali version of Russell Peters..hehe 😀 Maybe, I could do that if I don’t get a job back home hola.

4 thoughts on “Before I leave..!! :D

  1. Hehehehe.. brings back good memories! My mum’s maternal aunt (or however she is related) calls the world cup (all cup).. and divorce becomes (divote) and many more i can’t recall! But impotent was in that list I bet!
    Safe travelling. Take care.x

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