Same old same..!

Kathmandu hasn’t changed a bit in those nearly two months (not that I was expecting it to anyway). There are some upgrading(or downgrading) going on the streets and it looks all messy. As always the traffic is messed up big time. I was stuck in in traffic for a long time on the day I arrived here. It took me 3.5 hours to reach Kathmandu from Abu Dhabi which is like 3000+ km and than it takes 2 hours to reach my home from airport which is 12 km away. I wish the imagination of flying cars were real. I think it would take less than 5 minutes to reach anywhere inside the city hola which would save everybody’s time and also maybe keep the blood pressure in control. I think one of the reason of the increasing blood pressure among the city dwellers(besides the “fresh” sweets and other edible products in Kathmandu) is the traffic.  Speaking of saving time, why is this internet so fucking slow. I mean it feels like the world is going on in slow motion around here.

Its been 3 days already and I still have not adjusted to the time settings. Its four in the morning and I don’t even feel like sleeping. I think I could just get out of this warm cozy bed right now and  go to my office, if only I had one..hehe. The other day I saw this Nepali movie poster called “Devyani”. As usual the actor is Nikhil Uprety and he has this name of a girl written on his chest soaked in his blood. My expression?? It was..yes..”WTF”..You see the poster and who can figure out what the movie is about. I don’t know when will these Kollywood directors come out of the Bollywood limbo. Those were the themes of 80s. It may have looked fine during that era but nobody does that any more. There isn’t much passion in love (or film making for that matter) anymore. It just doesn’t exist. And Nepali movies are such a disgrace to cinematic art. Talking about Nepali movies, there are basically 3 categories of it, I think. 1) The Rajesh Hamal/Nikhil Uprety and of course Rekha Thapa starrers and with lots of dhisum dhisum and running around on top of a hill on some excotic location of Jomsom and Mustang and singing about…yes,,, Love and will have no story. 2) Movies with new age feel and always and let me remind you “always” starring Karma ki k ho tesko naam, Vinay, Namrata Shrestha, which may have a story but always end up becoming a triangular love story.  3) The documentary types that only gets screened during film festivals like KIMFF and SAFF and if they somehow manage to impress the audience there, will eventually make it to the silver screen only to be rejected..hehe. I feel we are not even supposed to make any movies at all or if we really want to, we need some really talented guys out here who are actually passionate about film making. Btw, I wanted to watch “Acharya” though. I hope that was better for god’s sake. Also, there was this guy who made “Numafung”..something Subba. That movie was okay. I think he runs some project in Kathmandu and is directing some movie called “Goodbye Kathmandu” rey.

And yesterday, I went to Salsa party at SDA. Everyone was so happy to see me(everyone as in, those I knew hehe) or at least thats what I would like to think. I felt so “welcomed”. I missed Salsa while I was in Dublin and everyone in SDA. These young guys who come to SDA are awesome dancers plus the ambience is so warm out there that it feels like home. I think I had forgotten the steps but I was okay for social dancing. There is one big salsa festival in December. Totally being a part of it. I am thinking about take “Bachata” classes. I love Bachata.

Almost, 530 so and I can feel my eye lids getting heavier. Must be my time to sleep hola. So, I’ll just stop it here and start a movie to give myself sometime before falling asleep till noon.. hehe. Goodmorning folks..!! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Same old same..!

  1. “These young guys who come to SDA are awesome dancers plus the ambience is so warm out there that it feels like home. ”
    looks like the old ones are out of your scope of vision… hummm…

  2. I like how to add “hola” at the end of everything (almost). I found some Nepali movies really nice, like Kusume Rumaal, the actress was gorgeous.. was it Tripti? I think, If Im not wrong. Even I’ve heard alot about Acharya, really wanted to watch it, heard its a Sikkimese production or something. The old Nepali movies are really nice but the new age ones are.. umm.. no comments. Hehe.
    Salsa, Bachata , try Rumba! Oh, the joy these Latino american dance forms give! 😀

    • Kusume Rumal was a great movie. Are you Nepali because you seem to know a lot about Nepal.. :). About the new movies, the less said the better..! hehe

      “hola”…you noticed?? 😛

      • I am not Nepali, but its a compliment that I managed to give you that impression. My boyfriend is from Sikkim and in Oxford I met other people from Ktm,Pokhara, dharan and Chitwan and I really enjoyed indulging in Nepalism (haha, I just invented that). I picked up the language fast so now i can talk, watch, cook etc. etc in Nepali 😀
        The friends I made were very supportive, they keep suggesting me movies and songs and I enjoy listening to them. They even included me in this Oxford Nepalese community where I got to be a part of Dashain, tihar, teej etc. 😀

        Yes, I noticed hola 😀

      • Haha! Maybe. But then I impressed them quite quickly with the lingual abilities I assume. Haha. They were caught off guard. But yes, they are very humble people. 🙂

      • Yes I do 😀 Its great! In the beginning when I started to understand I used to just sit there and bask in the joy of being able to eavesdrop while sitting infront of the people.. and they wouldn’t know i would understand… but soon I gave myself away. Now there is no code language “they” can use. *jumps up and down gleefully*

  3. haha, kathmandu changed a HELL OF A LOT for me when I left in 97 and went back in 07–> traffic was a lot worse, the valley seemed to have four times the people it last did, and load shedding seemed to have gotten a lot worse. I remember ‘batti nibyo’ being for 3 hours before–it 2007 winter, it was for some 12 hours or something. I hear that now, it is for 16 hours in the winters.

    Anyway, glad to know you’re more comfortable in Kathmandu than some random place in Ireland. Though–a word of advice–if you’re immigrating, you should immigrate to countries like the US and Canada and maybe even Mexico as opposed to the Euro Countries.

    • 97 to 07..thats a decade. I think you would have tough time finding your way home if you come now because the “kholas” have gone and is being replaced by subsurface roads. I don’t know if I should be happy that KTM has a overhead bridge or sad that the “khola” is gone.heehe. Surprisingly, I haven’t yet had the load shedding. It went up to 18 hours “PER DAY”. A research showed that the number of pregnancy cases went up during those load-shedding hours rey..You can guess why. hehe.

      Its always good to be back home, you know where people actually care about you and are happy to see you. I have no plans to move out of here. I was in US in 1999 and that was no better. I came back in 4 month tyo bela pani. I guess I like being “sano pokhari ko thulo macha” instead of being a “thulo pokhari ko sano macha”.. 😀

  4. kathmandu is changing, but once u are back in the streets, you feel like nothing has changed and will ever change. i paid Rs 300 to take the bus from lamjung to kathmandu. and it cost me more that than amount in a taxi to get home from kalanki to maharajgunj. the ironies of life in kathmandu and yet, life does go on…:-)

    and about movies…well, let’s say that i indulged in them a lot this year. acharya was a good movie. rekha thapa’s new andaj…now that was some epic quadrangle love story. 😛 devyani ko poster …let’s say that it’s ‘mind blowing’.

    and my internet sucks…i’ve tried posting this comment thrice and it keeps flaking out on me. hahahah

    • Haina..things in ktm are changing..only its going from bad to worse still it feels like there isnt a better place to be (at least for me)hehe.. i dont go around in taxi…my heart skips a beat every time the meter rolls..and the public transportation..its an adventure every time..hehe..ramailo mela ko columbus boring hola baru..

      I know you watched quite a few of nepali movies..i salute you for being able to sit through those rekha thapa movies..ani songs haru kina testo nepali movie haru ko hagi..i wish i could beat the crap out of the musicians and the lyricist(at once)..they are such embarassment… I see the poster of “batuli” these days…rekha thapa again..a story of a village girl for sure..hehe

      Internet ko ta kurai nagarum..

  5. Started my day by reading your blog and again, it made me laugh when I read that cinema part…. THE SUPER STAR REKHA THAPA ….mmmm Have you seen the visual of simple simple kanchi ko dimple laune gala or something…… I remember my PT sir in school days who used to teach us exercise steps… it’s exactly like that… sorry rekha .. no hard feelings

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