Posted in December 2011

Resolution 2012..!!

I am heading for Pokhara in few minutes and will be back 2nd Jan of next year so posting my resolution after new year would be something like “Lagan pachi ko Potey” hola ni hai. 😀 So, while Anju is busy packing I’ll just finish this real quick..hehe Although like birthdays, New Year is just … Continue reading

Dolalghat and back – in pictures.

“Tapain ko paper saper aba gadi mai padnush, 15 minutes ma aaipugnu ta chito”, she called. It was Jenisha on the other end of the phone almost treatening me to get my ass ready and get going in 15 minutes. The other day during our drinking session at the Christmas Eve party, we had planned … Continue reading

The Liebster Blog Award..!!

I don’t know if this is how it should be done but let me start by thanking Tash and nepaliaustralian for The Liebster Blog Award. I am truly honored because quite frankly I don’t think I even qualify as a blogger. 🙂 I can’t believe Wikipedia doesn’t have Liebster Blog Award in its library given that so many out … Continue reading


I hate talking about politics because there is so much to vent about which makes the post long and boring hehe but anyway…. So we had Nepal Bandh again today. And this time the country and the country men people (gender equality..hehe) should suffer because apparently some “don” was beaten up in the prison by gang … Continue reading

On Birthday and more..!!

Firstly today is my birthday, so you may go to the comment section and wish me a “Happy Birthday”…hehe. For me Birthdays have always been just a another day to remind you that you are getting old, and I don’t really like that feeling. Do you? I never really got to celebrate my birthday during … Continue reading

Nepal’s 2nd International Dance Festival..!!

Last week was one of the most hectic one in my life. Firstly, there was Salsa Festival organized by SDA for 3 days at Shangri La hotel (it’s a Dance Festival officially because of the varied forms of dancing workshops it had but I still would call it Salsa Festival since my inclination towards it … Continue reading

Nepali time..!

I am waiting at durbar marg this very moment as i write this. I had meeting with some people at exactly 4 and that was like an hour ago. For those who have not been to Nepal, here is a little piece of advice, “Never be on time” and I mean N E V E … Continue reading