Nepali time..!

I am waiting at durbar marg this very moment as i write this. I had meeting with some people at exactly 4 and that was like an hour ago. For those who have not been to Nepal, here is a little piece of advice, “Never be on time” and I mean N E V E R. Else you will end up playing with your mobile or worse writing a blog from your mobile because you know how shitty these auto correct can be…hehe

So I had a meeting today at 4pm and I arrived 5 minutes early, its 5 now and of the 10 peoples that were supposed to be here, guess how many have showed up so far…yes..thats right “none”. And I hear everyone complain about everybody for not being on time 😀 as of now  I am starting to pray they show up at least. Hehe.. If there were a competition for world’s most unpunctual country, Nepal would definitely top the slot hola and if were the competition for world’s most unpuncutal citizens, we would be the judge hola baru….!! 😀

Oh, I see 4 of them walking in with a big grin on their face.It’s exactly 515pm and I must have known. They must be thinking “khucching tala paitala, dus paisa ko suntala..” Hehe

5 thoughts on “Nepali time..!

      • so your appointments get delayed and i suffer? come to think about it… that will make me reach my appointments late. and the people i meet will reach their other appointments late and so on… OMG! it’s you who is setting up the chain reaction! shame on you!

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