On Birthday and more..!!

Firstly today is my birthday, so you may go to the comment section and wish me a “Happy Birthday”…hehe.

For me Birthdays have always been just a another day to remind you that you are getting old, and I don’t really like that feeling. Do you? I never really got to celebrate my birthday during my childhood. My dad was always out and my mom was always busy  and my sister..well she was too small to know or care…hehe..so basically the charm of celebrating birthdays  never got into me. However, there were some classmates (rich ones basically), in school who brought chocolates to class during their birthdays and got all the attention and we had to stand up and sing them “Happy Birthday” song. I wanted to bring chocolates during my birthdays because who wouldn’t want a little bit of attention, right? but then I was too scared to ask mom. Btw, I find it very awkward singing the Birthday songs. I go all red and halka blue pani hola, which is I why I make it a point to arrive late on birthday parties…hehe. Oh, I love birthday cakes though. I can eat the whole cake and not have problems with my stomach..heheh

Speaking of problems, lately, everything that belongs to me has some kind of problem in it.

Wife: No, she has no problems. [Are you kidding me, she knows I write this blog.. ehehe]
Laptops: i have two laptops. One doesn’t restart and the other one doesn’t shut down, I have to take the batteries out to shut it down. The repair shop has it and they don’t know when it will be ready.
Mobile: HTC mobiles are such PITA(pain in the ass) specially the battery which speed drains at 300kmph hehe. I charge it every morning and by noon its gone. Need to change it but don’t know when.
Guitar: The neck is broken. Need to repair it. Don’t know where.
DVD player/ CD player. They don’t play anything anymore..DVD, CD..nothing. Maybe it’ll play a “roti” hola. I’ll try that tonight hehe
Car: Some truck made a huge dent on the left side. I got it painted but now they think I need to change the tires. “Dhewa” nabha ko bela. 😀
Bike: It keeps making that weird noise every time. It’s irritating and what’s frustrating is that I can’t seem to find where that noise is coming from.

And few days back even my own dog bit me. That dog isn’t entering my room ever again. My mom thinks its “akha lageko” and wants me to visit some “jhakri”. Not happening, mom, not happening. hehe

I am still looking around my room to see what else.. 😀

Oh,  few days back I was in this government office for some document my sister needed in Australia. Now, I have mentioned this before but government offices in Nepal is one thing that you would want to avoid at any cost. And, this ministry of education is over staffed with people who have zilch knowledge about their workplace and in the process we are ones who suffer. So, you have to go to window 2 to fill up the form where the staff there will check your documents and even match it with the original, then you go to window 3 so that another staff there would check and see if the documents are genuine again. I mean if they need to check the documents why not do it in window 2 itself? Then go to window 4 and 5 and 6 and wait for half and hour. By the time you get the documents you don’t even want to look at it..hehe. And this happens in every other government office. And they act like they work for free. I mean you should check out their attitude. Anyways, so, I was in window (some number) and the lady there looks at me like I am there because I killed somebody and asks; “What is your relation with the applicant?”. I humbly reply that I am her brother. And then comes the question that made the guy standing in the last laugh out loud. So, she carefully examines the document and asks me, “What is your father’s name?”. I reply and than she goes,”What is the name of  your sister’s father’s name?”..yes..she literally said “tapaiko baini ko buwa ko naam k ho?” I stood there not knowing how to react. The LOL from the guy standing in the last must have made her realized of her stupid question, she didn’t ask again and I was in a state of shock, I didn’t respond either. I just took my documents and left. There was a girl behind me. I looked at her and before leaving I said to myself “Its your turn to suffer”…hehe

And there was some blog competition going on on this site raicha ni. I didn’t know but I was awarded “Most Witty Honorary Mentions” *clap clap clap* hehe. I was told there were lots of votes for me. :O That really is surprising. I know a few people visits here. So thank you all who mentioned my name there.

17 thoughts on “On Birthday and more..!!

  1. since i now know that you have problems with everything that you possess, i think, being a friend, i should share your problems and thus you can send the HTC and your bike my way. that’s two less things for you to worry about. i would like to take the car too but then you still have other friends and i am sure they’ll be happy to share your burden :p
    belated happy b’day! may your year be filled with more misadventures in the govt. offices. :p

    • You’ve got it wrong bro. The problem isn’t that I own them, the problem is that there is problems in those things that I own. So, if you really claim to be my friend, you could change the battery of my HTC and try finding out where that noise is coming from my bike. 😀

  2. Oh well, to conclude its been a shit year for everyone. Maybe you could overlook the not working bits and at the possessions and say.. “hey I got a wife, car, bike, laptop, htc, guitar yada yada..” something is better than nothing right?

    Happy birthday to you! 😀 If no one has bothered, then you should get yourself a massive cake and gobble it down and feel good. Count the moments not the wrinkles 🙂 Also, we should make ourselves feel special before anyone else can hola ni .. hehe

  3. It’s almost quite hilarious that I could identify so much with the things that you’ve written in this article. I also grew up in Nepal, and never really celebrated birthday past certain age (6 yrs, maybe) until I came to the US five yrs ago. Birthday is also like just another day for me, except with more reminder than usual that I’ve grown up. Anyway, now that I’ve started celebrating birthdays, I kind of miss it when I am not around the people I love.

    I also recently had problems with almost everything that you are having problems with at the same time. I thought it was funny that both my laptops are also having problem – one has problem booting and the other has problem with battery life. I had problem with my bike, but then I don’t use it anymore. I had problem with cell, but got it fixed etc. I am sure all your problems will also be solved eventually.

    Also, before coming to the US (a long time ago) I had almost exact same issue with the government officer (lady). This may not be anything unusual since a lot of them seem so incompetent that maybe almost everyone has problems with them. However, I had to stay in queue for so long, and when my turn finally arrived, she was so rude to me. When I confronted her for being unreasonably rude, she replied in a harsh tone that she has been working all day and this and that. It was so unnerving since that’s her job and that’s what she gets paid to do. I mean, nothing warrants such behavior from people, who are supposed to be working for public, you know? Plus, I was also there almost the whole day standing in a line.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know how I’ve had similar experiences as you.

  4. First of all I have to say “Happy Birthday”. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead .
    I am glad you remembered your wife read your blog in time otherwise sofa is where you would have been heading tonite 😉
    Ohoo How much I hate government offices in Nepal.
    On my last visit I have to make this paper from “Jilla Adalat” and they told me straight. If you pay 5 thousands, come tomorrow to pick up the document otherwise come after 2 weeks. I was so pissed up that I need to find a person with some power to make him do his job. God I wish they suffer like they make other people suffer as well….

  5. Yup! still reading some funny ones… I cant believe that lady saying “tapaiko baini ko buwa ko naam k ho?” and I can imagine your reaction when you said “Its your turn to suffer” to that girl… the imagination itself is hilarious!!

    If you happen to meet that lady with the weird question, just say ” Tera Bau”… It will definitely work!!

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