Nepal’s 2nd International Dance Festival..!!

Last week was one of the most hectic one in my life. Firstly, there was Salsa Festival organized by SDA for 3 days at Shangri La hotel (it’s a Dance Festival officially because of the varied forms of dancing workshops it had but I still would call it Salsa Festival since my inclination towards it is more. And than I had to prepare this Chapter plan for research on  “Situation Analysis of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal 2010”. The data collection has been done and I have to do the report writing on it. And then I had to prepare few documentation for my sister’s visa extension who is in Australia for the past few years and has no “pilan” of coming back any soon.

Last year SDA organized Nepal’s first Salsa Festival. It was full of workshop, parties and what not and above all we got to meet the Susana Montero. Of course, there were lots of other international instructor but she stole the show all the way. This year she could not come but we all missed her so much. And this year, SDA organized Nepal’s International Dance Festival 2011 with of the best line ups. So, I’d like to thank them for this opportunity they provided us to expose ourselves to the salsa world outside Nepal.

I would like to thank Magna Gopal, for flying from half way around the world to attend the 3 days workshop. I got to spend a little time with her after the festival as well. She is such an inspiration. I will never forget two things she said, 1) No fear of rejection, 2) No fear of judgement. Thank you Magna.

And we had Tze, who is again an AMAZING salsa dancer. I became his fan instantly after watching him dance at The Factory and I took all his classes.  He even looks a little like me..hehe. Thank you Tze.

I’d also like to thank Troy Anthony and Jorget Alcocer, who are again, the best latin dancers and great instructors as well. Bachata for me has changed for life after seeing them perform and taking their classes.

There were other international artists performing as well but I was couldn’t their classes although I really wanted to.

3 thoughts on “Nepal’s 2nd International Dance Festival..!!

  1. It makes me feel so good that men are into dancing.. especially Latin American forms. I have been wanting to re-join dance classes but many require a partner and whilst proposing the idea to the very many male friends, including A, they would just say dance, that too Latin American, does not sound like a “pilan” to me! *sigh* – There should be more of your kind of people, who take the arts a little seriously. 🙂

      • That is true, some require partners, others have the “grab em” choice.. haha, but then you know, the more regular you are, and the more regular the ‘grab em’ partner is, it creates this dance bond thing and I’m sure you know latino dance forms are sassy and intimate sometimes and also knowing A, I don’t want him in that position where he would feel awkward about it. #confessions

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