I hate talking about politics because there is so much to vent about which makes the post long and boring hehe but anyway….

So we had Nepal Bandh again today. And this time the country and the country men people (gender equality..hehe) should suffer because apparently some “don” was beaten up in the prison by gang members from opposition party and now he is “pronounced” dead. And Nepali Congress wants the dead don to be declared a martyr arey and his family is receiving a compensation of 1 million arey. Its funny how these political parties can attain political mileage from any incident that will remotely benefit them. If only they were so serious about the well being of this country, I am sure this country would at least be going somewhere and not to the dogs. Now, irony is that many people in places like Mustang and Dolpo are dying due to cold. The freezing cold is literally taking lives of the children and old and the death toll is rising but neither do they get any kind of help from the government nor the media is too keen on bringing out what they are going through. This government could have sent some warm clothes and “sirak ra odney” to those places ni baru. “Kaam kuro eka tira kumlo boki thimi tira” bhanya yei hola ni.

For those who are not from Nepal, “Nepal Bandh” is what I’d like to call (like isn’t exactly the word I am looking for here though) “Ban-day”. It is like the 8th day of the week which appears randomly after any other day and particularly falls during work days hai feri. On Ban-day everything is banned and the one who organizes (yes, it is organized) have the right to vandalize the public property and private property and specially bikes, cars and other form of transportation and the security personal will stand there and watch them   hooligans silently like there is some world cup penalty shootout going on.   However, this Ban-day, it doesn’t appear every week. It will be announced proudly by some politically affiliated party like they are organizing a free food program for the badar in pashupati or like they are cleaning up the bagmati (do we even have bagmati anymore??) We have Saturdays and Sundays where we get to spend our day not having to work even think about work, and than we have “Ban-day” here in Nepal that serves more as a torture and specially to those whose office is a little away from the walking distance from their home , if you need to visit the hospital or even getting married because all the transportation are put to halt. “You drive, we burn”, could be the tshirt slogan of those stupid protesters hola. 

And today morning I was returning home after dropping my wife(her office had arranged a pickup from Gopi Krishna hall), when I saw an old aged person who was dressed like a Lama heading towards the same direction. Since there were no transportation (and he looked all exhausted after 2 hours of walk which he told me later), he asked me if I could give him a lift. I agreed. Few meters away, there were bunch of protestor heading our way and one ass came running towards me and stopped me. I told him that I needed to drop this old man to Kopan Gompa but they were all enthusiatic to burn my bike which of course didn’t belonged to their “bau”. The old man requested those hooligans that he needed to go to the Kopan hospital. After few discussion, they cleared the way saying, “Tourist raicha ra matrai natra aja yo bike ko halat k hunthyo”. I looked at the guy who  had just said that. He was a funny looking lean and thin guy, who in his wildest dream could not possibly have dared to speak to me that way had there not been bunch of people behind him all ready for action. This is what power does when it falls into wrong hands. I, however felt pity him for his ignorance. We headed towards Kapan Gompa and along the way, the man told me how he hated the politician being ignorant and making people who earn Rs. 250 a day suffer, something that I already know of. Upon, reaching the Gompa, he asked me to join for breakfast but I denied although he kept insisting. On my way back I was thinking how can our politician be so fucking stupid? Why is it so hard for them to understand that the country is already in deep shit and the people here are already suffering (thanks to the inflation, insecurity, cold and now the loadshedding).

I thought Baburam would do some good to this country but turns out he is also “tei dyang ko mula”. The less said the better.

7 thoughts on “Ban-day..!!

  1. I think Band is Nepal done for their own convenient. If I want a day off, let’s find a reason so I don’t have to go to work today. It has always me the case with politician there. I really wish someone with brain join politics and eradicate all the cockroaches to make it a better place to live. Until then it will be 8th day of the week for Nepali people.
    Also take care while going out!!!

    • The problem with politics in Nepal that I have come to realize it is that it eats you in and makes you just like the previous ones, no matter how educated you are..!! 😀

  2. my mom landed in ktm yesterday and she had to walk to my grandparents’ [old baneshwor heights] house from the airport! I don’t think one person can truly change anything–especially if no one else is cooperating. but then i never really rallied behind an engineer to lead a country! a good engineer and chess player does not a good political leader make.

    • I am sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she was okay.. 🙂

      I agree one person cannot bring change but if that one person has the supreme power than that isn’t impossible, given that the person has dedication he need to actually bring the change.

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