Dolalghat and back – in pictures.

“Tapain ko paper saper aba gadi mai padnush, 15 minutes ma aaipugnu ta chito”, she called. It was Jenisha on the other end of the phone almost treatening me to get my ass ready and get going in 15 minutes. The other day during our drinking session at the Christmas Eve party, we had planned to go to Dolalghat and I must have said “YES, Let’s do it” hola. However, It must be the booze or just the warm sunny morning, our plan to head some 70 kms South had completely slipped my mind. Like an obedient student, I was ready to meet her and Binayek at the airport gate to head off. But, as indecisive that I am, after seeing them on bike, I decided I needed my bike instead of the boring drive in the car so I asked them that I would go back home, come on my bike and would meet them in Banepa and so I did.

Dolalghat lies around 70 kms South of Kathmandu and takes around 2 hours drive. The well built six lane road that eventually ends at Bhaktapur comes as a cherry topping on this trip and it was even providing enough nostalgia of my bike rides in Goa. Dolalghat, which is famous for the Sunkoshi River and the tasty fish, joins the bridge that leads to Kodari, which is the Nepal-Tibet border via Arniko Highway. En route lies “Palanchok Bhagwati”, which is quite crowded specially during “Dasain Festival”. I have never really been into the temple because of the amount of sacrifices that takes place here. This time, the temple was almost isolated so I took a quick tour and took pictures as well.

Here, I share some photographs that I was able to take along the way and Palanchok Bhagwati on our way back. Although, there were enough scope for good photography, the “lazy me” took the front seat and kept me from taking some really nice shots.. hehe

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