Resolution 2012..!!

I am heading for Pokhara in few minutes and will be back 2nd Jan of next year so posting my resolution after new year would be something like “Lagan pachi ko Potey” hola ni hai. 😀 So, while Anju is busy packing I’ll just finish this real quick..hehe

Although like birthdays, New Year is just another date on the “next” calender, it is the starting of a new day with new beginning and new hope. In fact New Year for me is more special than Birthdays because birthdays just reminds you that you are old and I already hate growing old. So, when I “almost” believe or hope rather, that 2012 has doomsday stored for the world, I can’t help but expect for the best even if we are at the verge of an Armageddon.

The year 2011 has changed my life for ever. I quit my job, went to Ireland for further studies, came back because of various reasons, started working as a report writer and so on. To summarize, it has been a roller coaster so far. All these were mainly because I was not so focused, I think. I have either over estimated or underestimated myself. So, this year I’ll try to be more focused at least.

Resolutions 2012

1. Quit smoking: This was last year’s resolution as well and might as well be next years pani hola.. hehe. But still I don’t want to give up on this one…herum.!!

2. Lose some (more)weight: I was able to lose some 9 kgs in 3 months this year but the problem was that it came back in one month with 1 kgs extra….hehe. I really need to lose at least 10 kgs this year. Have been asking Binayek to start Zumba for us guys. I hope he does it pretty soon natra bhaney khattaam..!!

3. Keep an update on my expenses and possibly limit it: I have a huge problem of not being able to keep track of my expenses. I’ll have my pocket full today and I’d be hoping someone would pay for my coffee the next day and the thing is I wouldn’t know where I spent those money. Just installed “Money Expenses” on my HTC for the very reason and maybe this’ll help hola.

4. Read more books than I buy: I have the habit of buying books everywhere I go and too often its is so many that I am way too lazy to read them. This year, I’ll try to finish all the books I bought so far. I just finised Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolution 2020”, will post its review soon. I am taking Paulo Coelho’s “Devil and Miss Prym” with me. So this year I will either buy less books or read more.

5. Start a cafe: Now, this one is big hai. I need a financial stability in my life. I have had enough of working for private organizations so I have decided I need something of my own. Having talks with my friend about this and hopefully I’ll get it done by the end of next year hola. 

6. Travel more: That will always there. I love travelling.

I have lots more but Anju is way pissed off with me now because we are late already so I guess I will have to leave. She is like “Din din bhari ghar ma huda kheri chai kei garna maan lagdaina ani jaile dhilo bhaye pachi timro dimag ma k k aaucha..” She is still blabbering and making so sense so before she decides to not go, I better go.
“Jaba Bhayo rati, ani budi tati”, she says. hehe..

Happy New Year to all the beautiful bloggers out there. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Resolution 2012..!!

    • So you are not really coming I guess as per your “aauchu bhanera bhanne tara last moment ma cancel garne” policy. I really would want you to visit though..hehe

  1. All the best Meeng! Hope you get to tick off all those things on your list! 2011 was crap for a lot of people including me, Im actually looking at 2012 for fixtures I guess. Happy new year and in my opinion quit smoking in the best on that list.. Iss pali hopefully you can quit hola ni.. hehe.
    *loves the holas in your posts, totally!*

  2. Thank you. 🙂 yea..2011 was indeed a shitty year. I hope 2012 actually have good things stored for your throughout. 🙂 Happy New Year again.. 🙂

    Ani…You will know next year, if I have been able to quit smoking if you are not bored with this blog hola ni hai… hehe

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