Its 15th Jan already?? Time flies, hai. 😀 The thing is there is no bijulee these days when I am in the mood to write something and when there is, I am either sleeping or playing Rockbank unplugged on my psp.. 😀

2011 ended on a really fucked up note. I arrived Pokhara after 830 hrs of bike ride only to find out that I had lost my wallet along the way and along with it my money, credit cards, ATM cards, license, ID’s. So, yeah I was actually happy to wave goodbye to 2011 since it has been a shitty year. 2012 hopefully will be better hola.

So, yesterday we had THE Chinese prime minister visit Nepal after 10 years arey and BRB’s crew made sure they notice how immature our government officials are when it comes to expressing diplomatic etiquette. I was just watching over TV and Prachanda waved goodbye at least 9 times to the PM and one of the government official actually pulled the PM’s arm. I think BRB forgot that crash course on diplomatic behaviors our government official needed hola because the last diplomat they actually welcomed was Rakesh Sood and about him, well, the less said the better..hehe. Also the previous PM visit had been cancelled because our big mouthed BRB and his wing man Narayan Kaji were hyper excited and had to spill the beans about the Chinese PM’s visit in every tea party they attended ani ta khaish thulo bhaag.. hehe

Aile taa, you can’t drink and drive in Kathmandu. If the cops find out that you have been boozing and driving, you go to mamaghar for a night and this applies to everyone, even if you are Paras Sarkar kyare. So, how do the cops find out if you are drinking and driving? Well…they use the (not so) latest technology called “Haaaa Garnush”. Yes, you actually have to “Haaa garing” on the cop’s face and he will decide whether or not you are drinking and driving. So, if you had some harmless mocktails in your friend’s birthday and you see the cops checking on your way home..well, Say your prayers. hehe.

Oh, our loadshedding schedule will change from tomorrow arey. So, the NEA will provide bijulee for 10 hours a day arey (I have the habit of seeing the glass half full :D). Thank you NEA for the 10 hrs of bijulee. We are looking forward to the 2 hours of bijulee a day soon. Please don’t disspoint us la.. hehe. This country is amazing. We have actually managed to adapt to such extreme conditions that 10 hours of bijulee a day actually sounds like bliss.

Talking about fuels, Nepal Oil Corporation is running out of fuels to meet the demands plus they are also running out of budget to distribute new year bonus to its staffs arey so the government has to feri provide kunni katti million ko grant arey. Its good, its good. You guys keep up with monkey business while we wait hours in line to get 5 litres of petrol run our FUCKING bikes.

So basically, when the government is making a fool out of themselves in front of the national and international media, we will be happy with any amount of bijulee we get to charge our whatever stuffs that needs to be charged to run our daily life, and wait hours in line for the fuel and wait for things to change hai.

9 thoughts on “Irony.

  1. That is bad that you lost your wallet and knowing Nepal it is not coming back hoina ra? I lost my wallet here once and I got it back after 2 months ( no money left but cards were still there). Police officer came to my house to drop it, how special 🙂

    I think Nepal ma load shedding is so normal I guess noone talks about it any more. I think people are sick of winging as I don’t see many of my friends updating their status in facebook with load shedding updates anymore.

    I think No drinking while driving is really cool hoina ra. So many gets killed especially in motorbike every year in Nepal. I am sure you know it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Yea…its not coming back at all for sure. I just hope that the policemen out there didn’t find it otherwise they are going to hunt me down and shoot me to make sure there is no one claiming for the wallet hola..hehe

      Nepal ma everything is normal, from loadshedding to fuel crisis to water crisis to constitution crisis to what not. I think they should change the name of the country to No-pal. I have my friends uploading the loadshedding schedule though.

      Ani, its good we aren’t allowed to drink and drive. The accident rates have actually come down arey. It will atleast save the lives of those innocent people making their way home hai.

      Happy New Year.. 🙂

  2. “Haaa garnush”.. and “haa garing!” I wish there was a ‘moment of the day’ slot in your blog.. you know like in tv shows they play it at the end of the show before credits? Lol. I would totally put that “haa garnus” moments up there.

    Too bad about the wallet.. but you know what they say, you’ll reap more than what you loose 🙂 (hopefully) ad glad that buijulee is back.. now you can post more.. hola ni .. hehe 🙂 Hang in there.. I see the frustration getting loose

    • Timro mukh ma ghew chaku..hehe I hope I reap more..herum..

      btw..the bijulee is not back yet. It was 17 hrs of bijulee NEA provided and now it gone down to 10 hrs a day from today which is why I said seeing the glass half full. hehe

      Happy New Year.. 🙂

      • Well hope it comes back 🙂
        Seeing the glass half full is always better. The optimistic way of life.
        Happy new year to you too 😀

        P.s- dont drink and drive or you’ll have to “haaa garnu parcha” lol

  3. Damn….. I am really pissed off with new load shedding schedule. And I am so frustrated that we are pay TAX to Government for no reason. Neither we have electricity nor water and also fuel. Damn… I feel so helpless when I think about all these crisis.

    I wish I could write like you do but I am happy that I can read your scribbles and find you expressing your views and frustrations ani mero mann ananda huncha…….

  4. Technically, you can eat lots of raw garlic after drinking and the the cops will never make you go through the ‘haaa garnush’ routine again. haha.

    I’ve only visited Nepal once after leaving [in the 90s] and that was in 2007, during this time. 6 to 9 hours of no electricity a day and lots of kidnappings going on. not only that, due to the madesi riots [which were going on at the time] the fuel shortage, which already existed, was even worse–so you couldn’t even run the diesel generator if you had one. I hear there’s a diesel shortage again this year.

    After that I’ve never visited again. Life’s wayyy to harder than it should be.

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